School Performance Scores finally out? | Methodical, Musical Mathematician’s Musings

Here is some thoughtful analysis from a local mathematician on the insanity and arbitrariness of LDOE’s latest SPS score release.  I encourage you to read this accounting.

I was overwhelmed by the ridiculousness of it but James does a good job dissecting this pig trough of loonacy into its component goofy, icky parts.

SPS scores are largely meaningless but LDOE has gone to great lengths to make them absurdly complicated, while hiding the source data, to help disguise this fact.  Just adding a bunch of random bonus points (which are not in approved policy) is almost unimaginably stupid except that folks seem to have bought into the idea, so its hard to say who is stupider, our reporters who meekly bought into this or our LDOE for sitting on these terrible numbers before simply adding 10 points to them to (make them go up) hoping no one would notice that was bizarre and retarded (sorry, was running out of synonyms for stupid so went with an un-PC one that really might be true in this case.)

In any event, please read James Finney’s post on our latest release if only to reaffirm what you probably already suspect, the SPS  scores are retarded, written and reported by retards, retardedly.

(Figured I’d shoot the moon on offensiveness.  I think it says something I’ve gone this long seeing all the LDOE foolishness and only now had to resort to this. :))