More on the absurdity that is the New Orleans miracle. I have another take of my own I’m working on, but this is a great additional analytical piece on the spin and subterfuge being paraded about as success. New Orleans does like its parades to be sure, but this one is nothing to celebrate.

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The charter-promoting organization, New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) wants its charters to prosper. Its website proudly advertises a hefty $25 million grant from the Arnold Foundation– as in John Arnold, former Enron trader who made off with $4 million while most employees lost their pensions and who later spun gold in hedge funds to the tune of $3 billion.

In order to sell the charter success image, NSNO offers the public “proof” of “New Orleans Schools Success” in the form of these two graphs:

“Success” in the reformer world is all too often about image and not truth.  As such, these graphs promote a lie.  The bolded information below explains the deception.

It is the Recovery School District (RSD) that is state-run, not Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB). OPSB retained the majority of its handful of schools after the post-Katrina state takeover; the criteria for state takeover was any school scoring below the…

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2 thoughts on “The Recovery School District (RSD) Optical Illusion

  1. Jason: Mr. John Arnold has also been active in the Louisiana political arena, to wit:

    Orange Jones, Kira

    F102 : 10G – LA-27518


    JOHN ARNOLD 2950 Lazy Lane Houston, TX 77019



    Orange Jones, Kira

    F102 : 10G – LA-27518


    JOHN ARNOLD 2950 Lazy Lane Houston, TX 77019



    Roemer, Charles E. (Chas)

    F102 : 40G – LA-31517


    JOHN ARNOLD 3050 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 825 Houston, TX 77056



    Usdin, Sarah Newell

    F102 : 10G – LA-35508


    JOHN ARNOLD 2950 Lazy Ln. Houston, TX 77019



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