I know it’s been a little while since I produced anything particularly original on my blog other than a few insights into other people’s work, but that’s not because I’m not doing anything. I’ve been asked by numerous folks to produce some specific pieces that can be used to forward to legislators and other elected officials, as well as some investigative pieces that are requiring research and documentation. Here is a brief listing of some of my current projects for the curious.

CCSS and specific examples

I am working on producing some Common Core pieces documenting actual examples from parents illustrating specific issues with curriculum being used in schools across the state and comparing them to the stated standards they are supposed to address. I am still gathering examples from different districts, grade levels and subjects. I’m not getting as many as I expected so I plan to post my own work as an example and show I’m just as clueless as many of you may be, and that that’s ok. I will encourage supports to chime in, but I will insist people keep a civil tone and keep the insults directed at each other to a minimum or they will get the boot, or is that the flipper?

FERPA, Data, and Privacy

Pieces documenting Data Sharing/FERPA explanation and privacy concerns legislators should be aware of with exposition and examples. I will show how FERPA was tragically flawed and is outdated even before the recent changes made in 2008 and 2011 and my proposal for some privacy laws.

RSD Cheating Scandal and Cover-up L

An investigative story about large cheating scandal and cover-up by LDOE and RSD that appears to have been perpetrated by most of the top current education officials. I have issued freedom of information requests and will be issuing more, but I expect they will shortchange me, stall and deceive. I have numerous documents and witness statements already and will be comparing what gets sent to what I already have or will get from agencies outside of RSD and LDOE control. Lawsuits have already been filed, dismissed, remanded, and I anticipate more to be forthcoming. I will reveal some of what I have to date but will keep some in reserve on the off chance they decide to pretend they have nothing meeting my requests. If LDOE claims they have nothing after claiming to have launched and completed an investigation then they will be complicit in a cover-up regardless.

NSNO and me?

I have been invited to visit schools in New Orleans by a New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) official on Twitter, and I accepted believing it to be a bluff. However early indications are that it is not and visit may take place in January. We will be working out the details which may be a condition I don’t blog or document what I see. Negotiations are ongoing but if you have specific schools to see or questions you want me to ask feel free to send them to me at crazycrawfish@yahoo.com I have agreed not to blog about specific meetings in the past (and kept those promises to date), and I do keep my informant’s identities confidential even if it makes my stories less convincing. It is important for someone to learn the information and perhaps use it for guidance in other investigations than it is to make a slam dunk on any specific topic. That being said, if you tell me where Jimmy Hoffa, is buried or anyone else, I will be informing the FBI if only to get my own special on TV with Geraldo.

Defies Measurement is funded and coming here!

Shannon Puckett, a documentarian I helped get funding for through my blog and from proselytizing and panhandling at a recent Atlanta education conference, will be visiting us in January to film spots for her film, Defies Measurement. I will be contacting some of you directly to help contribute spots and insights, but if you have some privatization stories you’d like to tell please contact me with a synopsis and I will forward promising ones to Shannon, unless I like them too much and decide to keep them for myself. J


I will be traveling to Alexandria on the 25th of November to receive an educational journalism award from the Louisiana Federation of Teachers. I’ve been telling people I’m awesome for years, apparently I finally convinced someone. My apologies to anyone else also getting an award with me. . .mine probably speaks more for my lobbying ability and persistence than my expertise.

And finally, and most important, I am teaching my daughter how to ride a bike without training wheels – in the evenings after work. She is doing awesome but I had to get some new running shoes to keep up with her . . . and learn to let go. . .

5 thoughts on “Quick update on some of my current projects

  1. Can you find out how the CCS will benifit students of disabilites, poor & disadvantage, NON AP, CP students? No one has been able to answer any of my questions,as to how the educators will incorporate CCS into a student with learning, cognitive, dev delays. Please research this please….

    1. Hi Eleeah, I can probably get someone to respond with some idea but what are your current experiences/issues to date with how CCSS has been implemented? Do you currently have some issues with autistic children being mainstreamed inappropriately?I have had some parents reporting group activities their children were required to do were very stressful and inappropriate for their children, who were stillstruggling with basicsocialization issues and day long group activities were beyond their capacities, but nevertheless they were being forced into these situations. I believe one parish this was happening a lot in was Livingston. What has been your experience and from which parishes?

    2. Hi Eleeah,
      I can share experiences in my work with students with disabilities. In talking with others, I find the challenges and concerns vary. I can’t give input from the state’s perspective, but what are your specific concerns? I will try to help if I can based on my work with students with disabilities. I have more experience with some exceptionalities than others so if I don’t feel like it’s an area I am well-versed in, I can try to connect you with someone who has had more experience for what you need.

      I apologize for the delay in response. I’ve been out of town.


  2. How is cheating even discovered these days other than by perhaps whistleblowers in the school? Security in test administration and monitoring and enforcement from LDOE have been virtually eliminated in the Pastorek and John White years. The entire assessment administration group (Leslie Lightborne, Bernadette Morris, etc.) so happens to all have left in recent weeks or will by the end of the year, each of whom had many years of experience and were constantly overwhelmed because that’s how the powers that be wanted it. There will probably be no one at the state even trying to monitor cheating anymore unless it’s in one of the districts not friendly to the Jindal-White reforms.

    Aside from corporate data predators, the next big scandal will probably have something to do with the unbelievable sloppiness and almost total lack of our own internal controls.
    Even the student workers and the convicts who clean the Claibourne building could pretty easily access many of the countless data files full of student level data produced and copied onto countless folders and drives…and would probably do less harm with it than the criminals in the building who haven’t been convicted.

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