Arne Duncan (after hanging out with the Mayor of Toronto smoking from a mysterious pipe)

Unless you live under rock, if you follow education issues at all you no doubt heard this latest pearl of wisdom from the head of the US Department of Education.

“It’s fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary,” Duncan said, according to an account from Politico. “You’ve bet your house and where you live and everything on, `My child’s going to be prepared.’ That can be a punch in the gut.”

My first thought when I heard this was that Arne Duncan was trying to make sure the US Department of Education gets eliminated. I certainly expect this comment, combined with his other policies and epic overreach into local matters, will land eliminating the US department of Education front and center in the 2016 Presidential election.

In response to this a petition was launched on the Official White House website to call for Duncan’s removal: “This clearly demonstrates the complete lack of understanding he has and his utter contempt for the American people. He is both unqualified and unfit to lead the Department of Education and should be removed immediately.”

A group Facebook group called MAD, or Mother’s Against Duncan, also immediately formed. As of 11/19/13 at 10:30, a little more than 24 hours after the comments this site had over 3000 members . . . and growing.

When I had a little time to contemplate what Duncan said a few things occurred to me. He really, honestly thinks this is all about test scores. In his twisted world, kids and parents don’t exist as consierations, and learning is little more than a number of trend-line on a chart. The only learning and education that matters to him is one that can be measured, and he actually thinks everyone else thinks this way too. He has surrounded himself with people that think this, and insulated himself form the public, from parents, children and from learning. He can’t even comprehend that anyone might not give a damn about his ridiculous tests (that really do a better job identifying poor or mentally disabled students than they do “good” or “bad” schools or teachers.)

Perhaps it is time to show them how little we think about their tests and that our chief concern is not whether some highly paid educrat awards my school an “A” or “B” (while 40% of the students may be performing below grade level), but whether my child is learning and enjoying his school experience. I’m not sure about you, but my chief concern for my first grader and preschooler is not whether they score well enough on a color naming or counting test to get into a good ivy league school or rewarding career as a proctologist. I’m more concerned if my daughter’s friends like her or bully her, that she is safe and healthy, that she behaves well for her teacher and shows a good example for other kids, enjoys her recess and some fresh air, and has fun learning and growing not just math and reading (which she loves) but art, science, history and foreign languages. I want her education to be one of a wealth of opportunities and joy without the pressure of a career peering over her shoulder and monkeying around on her back. There will be time enough for that in second grade and the rest of her life, I’m sure.

The second thing that occurred to me is that this truly shows just how much Duncan has pushed and owned Common Core. Despite what your local school board or legislature has told you about how the federal government has little to do with Common Core, we have this racist, arrogant and dismissive comment from Duncan that reveals the truth. Let there be no mistake. Duncan was THE driving force behind Common Core. Gates put up hundreds of millions of dollars to promote it, but Arne Duncan put up billions, and he’ll be damned if you white suburban moms think you can derail his master plan with your pitiful concerns about your children and their learning.

Duncan has since tried to do some damage control.

In an interview with Politico, Duncan later acknowledged he “didn’t say it perfectly.”

I agree.

What he really meant to say was “No stupid ditzy stay-at-home soccer moms (regardless of their color or nationality) are going to derail one of my signature education masterpieces, Common Core. I spent billions dollars on this shiznat, and had to listen to Bill Gates tell me 100s of stories about how he cured malaria in Africa and how he should have destroyed Apple when he had the chance to get his support so it wouldn’t look like the federal government was illegally pushing a national curriculum. Melinda wouldn’t stop showing me that stupid paperclip assistant “Clippy” she invented. They even have bedspreads with that guy on it! I even had to change the meaning of the fricken word curriculum and get everyone to call these standards! Let’s see you change the meaning of word and break federal laws . . . stupid moms, of many races, creeds, colors and religions whom I despise and hold contempt for equally!”

Thank you for clearing that up for us, Arne.

I’m sure you will enjoy the private sector (working for your true masters Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates) much more anyways.

Say “Hi” to Clippy for me!

12 thoughts on “Arne Duncan has lost his mind

  1. WOW! White suburban moms! Arnie’s comments are so off the chart ignorant, inciting, clearly derogatory to all moms everywhere……oh yeah I forgot – anything to divert attention from his involvement in altering FERPA at the federal level thus inviting edushysters the opportunity to data mine children where government entities/corporations stand to win and the children get to lose. But we parents are just imagining the data collecting and sharing.

    Click to access 2013-10-22_FERPA.pdf

    ………………..or maybe this statement is just his latest desperate attempt to get parents to accept Common Core/PARCC so that school performance scores of public schools will drop, making them ripe for charter take over. Oh and as an after thought, let’s get parochial and/or other religious schools to sign on to Common Core so that eventually parents will realize that they can get the same selective admissions/education at a charter school(and get religion separate) for a lot less money.

    We suburban, inner city, black, white, Hispanic, oriental, democrat, republican independent moms (and dads), etc. are on to these intentionally developmentally inappropriate standards meant to FAIL our children so that you and your governmental/corporate cronies can fulfill your callous privatization schemes.

    Please GET OUT before we throw you out…….and will you please take Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, John White, and Chas Roemer with you. Thank you Arnie.


    Debbie Sachs

  2. Debbie, thank-you for putting into words the sentiments of not only ” white suburban moms” but all moms throughout this country. How this man and people like him are allowed anywhere near children is beyond me. They obviously have no concern for the children. Their concern is all about the money. It is definitely not “all about the children” it is time for all parents that love their children to clean house at all upcoming elections. Oh, and to all these disgusting people that hold elected positions MANY of the children that you are currently abusing with your common core/data mining will be of voting age by 2014. I know how they will be voting as it is a topic of conversation at my home during their study groups…oh and have you seen Jindal’s latest commercial about how he wants the federal government out of our school system and how he is fighting to show the federal government that Louisiana parents know what is best for Louisiana children? What a lying snake! Do you think maybe he has early onset dementia? Is it possible that he forgot that his signature is all over the documents that got Louisiana into this common core mess? I personally think that Jindal wants to run for president. I do not know of one person that plans on voting for him for any position EVER again. Wonder if he will throw his friend John White under the bus so to speak in his bid to try to APPEAR that he cares about Louisiana families. If I were John White I would be VERY concerned…

  3. Well said and Thank You… My Blood Pressure went through the roof when I heard this Idiot’s comment.. He has no place in the Education of our children..Raise your children to be all that they can be, not all that everyone else is going to be..

  4. Clearly his suburban mom is disappointed that her son is not as bright as she may have thought. You have my condolences Mrs. Duncan. We do not blame you for your son’s ignorance and arrogance. We just hope you will try again to do the right thing by him and educate him… home please.

  5. Lol! Jason, you crack me up! I just do not like adults that hurt children. I have and will always do whatever I can to make sure that children are safe and not harmed by soulless adults. Keep up the GREAT work Jason! We “white suburban moms whose children are not as smart as we thought” truly appreciate all of the work that you continue to do for everyone’s children. I also extend my condolences to his mother (Mrs. Duncan). What a disappointment as a son he must be…

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