High School Students in New Orleans Walk Out in Protest

I have been getting folks telling we how wonderful charter schools are, and how beloved they are by the communities they serve. When a charter school doesn’t perform well the kids and parents can simply choose another one, like ones chooses a carton of milk at the store so no oversight is needed. What does one do when all the charter schools are selective or bad like in New Orleans? Many children are kicked out secretly to roam the streets as these children are doing publicly. The charter school movement is a farce, and even they allies of this movement know it. Now they are claiming school isn’t for everyone, some children are just thugs and should be abandoned. While reformer claim poverty is an excuse, its an excuse Leslie Jacobs and many reformers are only too happy to use when they tell people to consider their overall performance against the backdrop of poverty and when they promote their high performing/high poverty schools. Sadly, what New Orleans is doing is not improving the plight of poor children, they getting better at weeding out the poorest and hardest to reach, while disguising this fact with unaudited impossible data and bonus points assigned to their school performance scores. Soon, every district will have their public schools replaced with charter schools. Will Arne Duncan tell us that the only reason people hate charter schools is because some white suburban moms have had their children evicted from the public schools their tax dollars paid for, so wealthy hedge fund managers can get even richer taking in tax dollars meant to educate our children to pad their portfolios?

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I received this letter from a teacher who taught in Louisiana until recently. I am posting anonymously for her sake:

Dear friends,

I am not writing you from New Orleans, and I do not know these students, but I taught in this area for 9 years, and after 3 schools that I worked in were taken over by charters with no relationship to the community, I left my state and moved to Atlanta to go to graduate school. Thus, it is so encouraging that students from two high schools have protested fake school reform and the “No Excuses Model.” Both schools have staged walk-outs over the past week. If you have not watched the below videos, please take a minute to do so.

Firstline schools is the Charter Management Organization (CMO) that took over Joseph S. Clark High School three years ago. The principal is a TFA graduate and his…

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2 thoughts on “High School Students in New Orleans Walk Out in Protest

  1. Would like to see the comparison between crimes committed by young people no longer in school and the advent of this charter school mess in New Orleans. Hopelessness and anger surely have increased.

    We have failed them.

  2. We’ve only failed when we give up. I prefer to think of it as not yet succeeding to the extent we would wish. We are fighting against a machine that is stealing our youth, and its a fight worth having, but we can’t save them all. That is not our cross to bear, but theirs.

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