Mercedes Schneider Offers Advice to Michigan Legislators and Parents About New Orleans Model: Run the Other Way!

These are awesome. Thanks Mercedes! I am working on my own additions to the body of evidence refuting the oft promoted New Orleans miracle model.

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Mercedes Schneider was invited to testify to a Michigan legislative committee about the alleged “New Orleans miracle,” which she explains is a mirage.

In addition to presenting her views in a five-minute video, she made a ten-minute video specifically directed to Michigan parents.

She explains what is happening in Louisiana, the data manipulation, the political games played with statistics to bolster privatization.

If you want to meet Mercedes Schneider, watch the videos.

Mercedes teaches high school English in Louisiana and she holds a Ph.D. in research methods.

She is also fearless, which is unusual these days.


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Pelto: Connecticut Governor Malloy Will Pay PR Firm $1 Million to Sell Common Core

I wonder if Jindal and White will follow suit? Connecticut is where John White’s reformer predecessor, Paul Vallas of RSD, set up shop after leaving Louisiana in shambles and many of the ideas Vallas promoted there are directly out of his RSD playbook, of which John White no doubt co-authored.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Blogger Jonathan Pelto reports that Governor Dannell Malloy of Connecticut plans to spend $1 million to a public relations firm to sell the idea of Common Core.

This suggests that he is concerned about the kind of public backlash that was caused by the botched implementation of Common Core in New York.

Connecticut is one of the three highest performing states on NAEP, and parents are not likely to take kindly to the new Common Core tests, which are likely to produce a sharp decline in test scores, as they have in other states. There are quite a lot of “suburban moms” in Connecticut. Lots of moms and dads who will not be easily persuaded that their children are failures. Not by Governor Malloy or Commissioner Stefan Pryor or a public relations firm with a $1 million contract.

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