I Spy – ‘Think The NSA’s Bad? Data Brokers Sell Rape Victims’ Names For 7.9 Cents Apiece’

inBloom, Ed-Fi and other data sharing outfits like them are setting themselves up to be a universal Data brokers for student data. Data brokers buy, sell and trade data to others for money, reduced prices for services and to obtain contracts with other entities to use, share and pool their collective stores of data. This type of set-up is not illegal, and is in fact a very common business practice many vendors and companies engage in routinely. However, just because something Is routine and not illegal, does not make it right, or safe for consumers or our children.

This is one of the places where legislation is needed to define how businesses can collect, store, sell, use and trade data they collect on you, me and our children. Left to their own devices, they will sell the names, addresses and phone numbers of rape victims at a price of 7.9 cents per rape victim. How cheap will our children’s information and privacy be violated? How much will their discipline records, disabilities, interests, pictures, phone numbers, addresses and grades will go for on such a market? How much is your privacy and the privacy and safety of your children worth to you?
To corporations we are just data points and profit margins. We require real legislation to make them see us as more than that.

The Last Of The Millenniums




Now tell me again how turning over phone and internet ‘records’ to private companies is going to be better then the Government having it.

‘If you thought NSA spying was bad, then wait till you read this. Data brokers, companies that sell your information to marketers for a profit, sell the names of rape victims for 7.9 cents apiece’.

‘And it gets even worse: Rape victims are not the only people who’ve lost their privacy thanks to these companies. Data brokers also sell information about AIDS victims, domestic violence victims, people with genetic diseases, and even names, phone numbers, and home addresses of police officers’.

‘Data brokers have all sorts of info on you, me, and everyone’.

‘The Wall Street Journal reports that data brokers have entire databases on people’s health. They know who has diabetes, osteoporosis, insomnia and even depression. They know when women visit their gynecologists’.


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2 thoughts on “I Spy – ‘Think The NSA’s Bad? Data Brokers Sell Rape Victims’ Names For 7.9 Cents Apiece’

  1. Thanks for the reblog.
    To me this is the greatest danger to our society. If the government spies/collects data on me, I do have recourse under some of the privacy laws.
    When some of these corporations spies/collects data on me, I have no recourse as (as you and the article pointed out) it’s not illegal.
    Which ‘big brother’ should we fear the most.
    The one that does it for profit.

    1. Thanks for the comment and all the scouring you do Fathercane.

      I do not agree with what the NSA is doing either, but laws need to be enacted to protect us from private and government spying and abuse of our privacy and freedoms. I hope Congress or the States will take these issues seriously if enough of their constituents become informed enough to understand whats going on and the implications of these invasions.

      I review and appreciate your work although I only reblog and highlight aspects that apply to my target audience you do a good job keeping me informed and grounded on a wide range of issues. Keep up the good work!

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