Teach For America Civil War: A sincere tell-all from New York City

Great youtube video from a former TFA teacher. His story aligns with the stories I’ve been told or wittnessed with a number of other well-intentioned but ill prepared TFA recruits. His closing remarks on what TFA has become (and influence peddler and scab workforce for the wealthy) is sadly accurate for an organization that started out with laudable goals before being lured away with promises of power and wealth. Watch his video and you will see not just his shattered dreams and illusions, but those of the children he had to face every day in his classroom. The reality is that all too many of our children face unprepared novices in their classrooms due to the machinations of TFA, the New Teacher Project, City Year and the other do-gooder amateur teacher franchises that have sprung up to serve the wealthy and corrupt by underserving our kids and driving off our experienced teachers and close our public schools to install their charter profit centers.

Cloaking Inequity

A Cloaking Inequity reader made me aware of this sincere tell-all from a former TFA teacher that was recently posted on Carla Ranger’s blog, a Dallas ISD School Board member (we have lots and lots and lots of TFA in Texas— Dallas, Houston, Rio Grande Valley etc.). John Bilby’s thoughts reblogged from Ranger’s blog:

I left the organization because I felt that it does not adequately prepare its people to serve the poorest children in public schools. I also think that TFA is more interested in power, access, and influence in the federal game of education than it is concerned with resolving educational inequity. Its “corps members” are merely a means to this end, providing the organization with a front while it pursues the goals of its donors, namely to remodel public education in this country in order to favor a high-turnover, non-unionized workforce in charters run by hedge-fund…

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2 thoughts on “Teach For America Civil War: A sincere tell-all from New York City

  1. Keep sharing former-TFA push-back — Many former TFAers are now drive-by education “managers” (like, whatever) and are TOOLS for “R” (Scarlet Letter) movement. They were not adequately prepared to be teachers, and now they work to permanently alter and kill-off DEAD our nation’s public schools. Analogy: Which gumbo would you rather: The one simmering on the stove all day or the one rushed through the microwave (yes, you can do a roux that way) in 30 minutes? Not which one is easier, but which one would you rather EAT? That’s the difference between certified teachers and TFAers. Even if some, and I mean limit this to some, of the ideas/suggestions that have been offered by TFA have SOME (yup, again) merit, the psychological warfare this organization has waged against professionally trained teachers/local public schools is inexcusable. Period.

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