BESE meeting tomorrow 1/15/14 update (and some ideas I’ve been pondering)

Greetings my Crawfishian Minions.




I feel like I should label my followers like all the cool kids are doing (but not in a way that gets us branded a gang like Insane Clown Posse followers the Juggalos) with something cool, and uh, “dittoheads” is taken (and not especially cool if you think about it), but sadly I think I may have missed the mark here as well. I guess I will keep trying. In the meantime (my Crawfishalites?), there is a new BESE meeting afoot you should be aware of taking place tomorrow at the Claiborne building downtown. Word on the street is John White will be proposing spending between 500k and a million of your tax dollars fighting the DOJ from getting data he has already handed out to researchers that support vouchers. He is also trying to get money to overturn the Brumfield-Dodd ruling that puts the state under a desegregation order.


According to LDOE’s website Brumfield V Dodd requires:

Nonpublic schools seeking state and federal funds must comply with the nondiscrimination requirements of Brumfield vs. Dodd.  Brumfield vs. Dodd approval verifies that schools are not racially segregated or do not use racially discriminatory policies and practices.

Obviously nonpublic schools seeking state and federal funds should be able to discriminate and racially segregate their schools as much as they want, for any reason they want. So spending a million dollars to fight the federal government to allow schools to exclude children based on race only makes sense. . . in John White’s and Bobby Jindal’s world. For any of you who don’t want to live there, or see our tax dollars spent to live there, you should probably show up and tell them this is bad use of tax dollars, and a bad deal for our children.

BESE will also be reviewing the MFP changes recommended by the MFP taskforce some of these changes might be ok, but I would say this requires greater scrutiny. I don’t have a copy of the latest proposal, just some of the recommendations. I think virtual charter schools should be required to have children report on a regular basis and actually complete work, which last time I checked the proposed MFP bill removed regularly attending requirement. That needs to be put back and strictly defined for non-traditional schooling methods we are funding.

White and company are trying to include Course Choice in MFP again. In states that report data on this type of program they have been found to be very inadequate, very wasteful and there is zero accountability built into our system to judge these providers as districts get test scores from students taking testable subjects, not providers. Course Choice was already ruled to be unconstitutional. Now the plan is simply to send the money to the school districts to disburse to the Course Choice providers. I’m pretty sure the justices found the state’s argument ludicrous last time will find this transparent attempt at circumventing the constitution unconstitutional once more, costing the state much money defending this already ruled upon issue. The difference this time is, parishes will be on the hook for paying the bill if they disburse these funds from their MFP allotment and the Course Choice funding is once again found to be unconstitutional. If White and Jindal want this program so much they have a solution, they can pay for it out of their budgets not constitutionally dedicated to private education. Perhaps Jindal could cancel his 4 million dollar three year contract with Alvarez and Marsal, they have decided to do in 4 months, and use that money? I have a recommendation. Stop violating our constitutional rights and paying Jindal Campaign donor Jimmy Faircloth millions of dollars to lose case after case (I think he’s up to around 9 with zero wins under Jindal.)


Other ideas I’ve been toying about. . .

  • The Crawfish Super Pac to fund and support pro-public education leaders and politicians?
  • The Crawfish call-in Radio Show/podcast hosting local education leaders, teachers and parents?

Any thoughts or volunteers?


Till next time, keep it chill, Crawdaddies and Crawmommies. . .

(I’ve got lots of groovy and horrible material I need to digest and send to you all. A day of reckoning is coming.)