BESE voted on the agenda items I tried to inform you about ahead of time yesterday. Namely the large cash allotment from LDOE funds to be used to fight for the right of non-public voucher schools to discriminate based on race by fighting to overturn Brumfield V Dodd and the approval of the MFP taskforces recommendations. I have not seen the new formula and I did not get notification about these issues ahead of time. From folks I’ve talked to, that follow these issues closely, many of them had no ideas these subjects were going to voted on Tuesday.

Please provide feedback on when you first found out about these items. My suspicion is they were not available ahead of time to prevent parents and citizens from weighing in.

If anyone has a copy of the new proposed formula please provide a link. I’m not sure how the public could actually even weigh in if nothing has been produced tor published to formalize the recommendations. I would like to see what the formula looks like or if it is largely the same as the one that was rejected multiple times last year and even found to be unconstitutional in our courts.


9 thoughts on “Quick Note to Crawfish Followers

  1. The committee should have voted to recommend that the full board approve the LDoE recommendation, and the full board would do that today. As slipshod as they are following rules/procedures, I’d think they would follow the practice.

    Back in the early days of the 21st century, before tweets and twits and smartphones and the TFA infiltration, it was required that most items be introductory at one meeting, discussed thoroughly at the next, and voted on at the 3rd meeting. The board met more frequently then, but the main difference was that the LDoE had to be able to think beyond the end of its collective nose, and that frequently requires individuals with some experience. Seems to be a shortage of that.

    A good dose of walking to school barefooted in the snow, uphill both ways might be desirable, too, …

  2. Are you sure that the vote you’ve heard about wasn’t the committee meeting vote (committee mtg would have been yesterday)? Full board meets today, to vote on committee recommendations.

  3. They probably posted it at Alpha Centuri and figured if we didn’t have enough interest to go there we deserve to have our public schools destroyed in order for the for a new super schools to be built.

    (See Douglas Adams, “A Hitch Hiker’s Guild to the Galaxy”)

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