Zack Kopplin: Louisiana Public School System’s Harassment of 11-Year-Old Buddhist Student “Child Abuse” and “Potentially a Hate Crime”

I believe in freedom of religion, not just the feedom to practice my own religion and to try and coerce children forcibly into following my own beliefs. If this had been a majority muslim or Buddhist school and it was a Christian being harrassed and told to change his religion by the principal or go to another school down the road with more anglo-saxon kids Fox News would be camped outside and sponsoring specials on the war on Christianity. This is a public school. Is our Constitution and country too small and insecure to tolerate other beliefs in the same public spaces? It would appear to be unimportant to these Sabine educators. This really is a sad lesson. When we stand by silently and allow this other people’s children, can we be upset or surprised when it happens to our own?


Today, the American Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of parents Scott and Sara Lane, filed suit against the Sabine Parish School Board, Sabine Parish Superintendent of Education Sara Ebarb (pictured at left), Negreet High School Principal Gene Wright, and Negreet High School teacher Rita Roark for religiously harassing and intimidating their young son. The case is horrifying and cringe-worthy, and it reveals a culture of intolerance, ignorance, and bigotry. I’ll get to the specific details of this case in a moment, but first, it’s worth noting: As appalling as the details of this specific case are, none of this should be too surprising.


I have been covering these issues for years now, and despite the repeated protestations of Governor Bobby Jindal, Superintendent John White, and members of the Louisiana Senate Education Committee- most notably Senator Conrad Appel, it has always seemed abundantly obvious that they have absolutely no respect…

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One thought on “Zack Kopplin: Louisiana Public School System’s Harassment of 11-Year-Old Buddhist Student “Child Abuse” and “Potentially a Hate Crime”

  1. Horrible enough the kid’s got to live in Sabine Parish to begin with. Ever notice how many crimes against decency and humanity are constantly being committed by fine Christian country folk? They’re tend to be nice and considerate people-if and only if you look, sound, act, talk, and think just like they do.

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