Upcoming Crawfish Related Events . . . for the next month or so

For those of you wishing to meet up with me in ways other than Twitter, Blog, Facebook or e-mail, here is a list of upcoming events where you will be able to spot me, listen to me blather on, or chat me up.

Saturday February 1st Coach Frank on “What’s Going On” from 4:00pm to 5:00pm Central (radio appearance)


We will be discussing education issues, cheating in New Orleans, and the story I did on Mary D. Cogwell and Coach Frank.

If a charter cheats in the forest, and nobody makes a sound, do they still meet their AYP?

Thursday February 20th from 6pm Central . . . till my ears bleed. Common Core Information Forum, Baton Rouge. . (In-person; as a random guest not as a speaker or backup dancer)


More Common Core information than anyone should have to be tormented with, but I want to hear some of this info from the source. Common Core is still around folks. Come out and hear what these guys have to say if you want to know the truth behind the fictional highly promoted account that organizations bribed by Bill Gates regurgitate on cue.

Sunday February 23 with Shaun Johnson and Tim Slekar on At the Chalk Face, progressive EdReform radio, from 5pm to 6pm Central (radio appearance)


Specific topics to be determined. . . I have a feeling it will be about education issues and not my Lego collection (which was immense until I shared it with my son.)

Ok, this one is creepy

Saturday and Sunday March 1st and March 2nd
in Austin Texas at the NPE Conference. (In-person panelist both days)


We will be discussing student and teacher privacy and data sharing issues; how we exposed sales and sharing of student data; and legislation you being introduced in our states and around the nation. I will also be floating around to different sessions throughout these two days to collaborate, share ideas and strategize. It’s possible I might have time for a beer or three in the evening and talk smack about deformers. (I have a tendency to get very loud when engaging in either one of these activities so be forewarned to bring your earplugs if you tag along with me in the evening.)

I have no expectation of privacy after a few beers. . .

Louisiana Progress Social Media videos available

For those of you who missed the Social Media Summit put by Louisiana Progress this past weekend during our Louisiana Blizzard:  Here’s the link to all the footage in smaller byte-sized YouTube chunks. Edushyster and I got into a little amusing discussion about being anonymous bloggers at around minute 40-42 or so of her keynote speech during the Q and A part of her session. Don’t tell her husband or my wife, but between you and me, I’m pretty sure she has a thing for guys with claws.


If you want to see the education bloggers panel specifically you can use this link:


I am the first speaker. I was out chatting in the hall too long so I got stuck with a weird roller chair that reclined a little too much, and just a sliver of table because Michael Deshotels was hogging it all, so I’m constantly fidgeting throughout my section. J

Note to self: if you plan to use your phone as a substitute for index cards next time, make sure you turn the screen shutoff to longer than 30 seconds. (For a social media technology guy, sometimes I’m not all that bright.)

This was fun and I hope to do it again, but next time I’m taking the center spot. Who invited Mercedes anyways? She doesn’t even have a twitter account! #WhyMercedesIsLame Hopefully Jennifer was able to secretly sign her up for one after the conference. . . .

Tom needs a Twitter account too but I’m not telling him. . . He’s probably got plenty of dirt on me. . . I am a mud bug after all. #StayingOffTomsRadar