Louisiana Progress Social Media videos available

For those of you who missed the Social Media Summit put by Louisiana Progress this past weekend during our Louisiana Blizzard:  Here’s the link to all the footage in smaller byte-sized YouTube chunks. Edushyster and I got into a little amusing discussion about being anonymous bloggers at around minute 40-42 or so of her keynote speech during the Q and A part of her session. Don’t tell her husband or my wife, but between you and me, I’m pretty sure she has a thing for guys with claws.


If you want to see the education bloggers panel specifically you can use this link:


I am the first speaker. I was out chatting in the hall too long so I got stuck with a weird roller chair that reclined a little too much, and just a sliver of table because Michael Deshotels was hogging it all, so I’m constantly fidgeting throughout my section. J

Note to self: if you plan to use your phone as a substitute for index cards next time, make sure you turn the screen shutoff to longer than 30 seconds. (For a social media technology guy, sometimes I’m not all that bright.)

This was fun and I hope to do it again, but next time I’m taking the center spot. Who invited Mercedes anyways? She doesn’t even have a twitter account! #WhyMercedesIsLame Hopefully Jennifer was able to secretly sign her up for one after the conference. . . .

Tom needs a Twitter account too but I’m not telling him. . . He’s probably got plenty of dirt on me. . . I am a mud bug after all. #StayingOffTomsRadar

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