White is literally all over the chart with his latest industry and career path rollout. Now he appears to be pushing for public education only emphasizing vocational education over 4 year college pathways. College degrees will be too plentiful relative to the jobs we have to offer in Louisiana, so best to prepare for the Third World economy Jindal and White have created and expanded for us by continuing to provide the cheap, plentiful labor that will keep is a prime location for low end manufacturing and chicken plucking jobs that have secured our spot as the poorest and least educated state(next to Mississippi) in the nation. Education Reform is finally coming into its own. Not only will they make our education system worse than when they found it for most children, they will have successfully siphoned off all the resources we allocated for our children for the very industry and hedge fund managers that will also seek to exploit our cheap, paid slightly better than slaves (in that they are paid a fraction of expenses they need to live), labor.

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his hand-selected, anti-public-school sidekick, State Education Superintendent John White, really want their so-termed “online education” dollar siphon, Course Choice, to be the major death drain that it was intended to be to Louisiana public education.

In May 2013, the Louisiana Supreme Court declared use of Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) funding– intended for Louisiana public schools– unconstitutional for either vouchers or Course Choice.

So, White had to go and “find” some money to make these two programs work.  According to this January 2014 Advocate article, Course Choice had been “largely” financed using money from a 1986 federal oil and gas settlement.

However, former Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) employee and education blogger Jason France questions the sloppy, rushed implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)– including White and LDOE’s reneging on a promised curriculum–  as a means of freeing up cash in order…

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