A rallying cry story and call to action for the Common Core destroyers among us

A rallying cry story and call to action for the Common Core destroyers among us

Parents are getting creative about how they are showing their displeasure towards the Common Core, and the would-be supporters of it. Those of us who oppose the Core realize these corporation and organizations have very little grasp of what is contained in the Core. They are supporting the “idea” of the Core. I can actually understand and relate to that. At first the idea sounded reasonable enough to me and I required a lot of proof from folks I already trusted and worked with on many other educational projects. I spent many months listening, really listening; to both sides and trying to see if there was a middle ground. It wasn’t until I researched what was actually in it, saw how it was actually implemented (or not), learned about the lack of qualifications of the creators, learned that the international benchmarking was a myth made up to sound impressive, saw the tragically negative impact on children and their families, and heard the debunking of numerous myths and misrepresentations from the mouths of experienced and qualified educators not paid to spout unsupported platitudes, that I realized just how wrong and hostile Common Core has transformed the education landscape. Many companies supporting the Core were assured by other companies, educational leaders and politicians, donors, and wealthy stockholders like the Walton Family and Bill Gates (who created the Core) that the Core is the greatest thing for education since the pencil and chalkboard and computer. These companies have accepted on blind faith and trust that this will prepare students to run their cash registers, work in their factories, run their printing presses, and engineer their products and make a stronger country for us all. It’s a laudable goal (for the most part and from their perspective.)

The problem is . . . it’s all a lie.

First of all, claiming the Core can do all this is a ginormous unproven assertion. (You might as well throw in that it can cure Cancer and bring World Peace too.) These “standards” or jumbled and comma spliced “skills” as the only English Language Arts evaluator of Common Core, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, recently explained at a local Common Core Summit held in Baton Rouge on the 20th of February, were never field tested, never tried out on anyone, ever, before they were forced upon all children everywhere in every setting (public and private schools) Frankly, I can’t imagine any successful company banking an entire generation of their workers on an untested decades long retraining program.

This leads me to my second point. Most companies that did not invest time and money in Common Core, or who are not hoping to make fists full of cash off the Common Core in the form of textbooks, tests, and training and tutoring programs, or educational software, have no idea what’s actually in these national “standards.”

I understand.

I really do.

But ignorance is not a defense (legal or moral) once you have been informed.

To that end I encourage all of you to inform these companies of what Common Core means to you, and what it will come to mean to their business (or lack thereof) if they keep blindly supporting what is essentially a corporately driven confiscation and retooling of our taxpayer funded educational system, of our children’s educations, for their own Human Capital needs and profit driven agendas. Below is an example of how one mom informed a company on the list of supporters I will provide to you and update as we pick them off or stubbornly dig their feet in. (Those will face a more coordinated boycott and negative publicity campaign at a later date.)

Without further ado, here is one of what I hope will be many success stories in the near future. Well done, Debbie. You have made many of us proud with this act.

Hi All,

Oh – I am laughing!!  I had the best time today!  I walked into Chase Bank armed with information on Common Core (list of all the businesses sponsoring CC, the Parent’s Beware Flier, a picture of the Stop Common Core Billboard on my phone( less than 6 blocks from the bank).

I asked to meet with an officer of the bank.  I told her how satisfied I was with Chase [bank], but that I could not support a bank that is supporting/promoting CC.  I explained to her how they are gathering all the health information, etc. on the children and how they could potentially profile children for future job interviews, etc. She had no idea.  I also explained to her how damaging the curriculum is.

When I told her that this information on companies promoting /supporting Common Core was given to me yesterday at a forum with @ 400 people in Baton Rouge and that this information was being put on Face Book – she immediately walked back with the papers and showed it to the manager who then wanted to know which Face Book this was posted too!

I then told her that I would be happy to come back and bank at Chase when they send me a letter that they are no longer supporting/promoting Common Core.  I also told her that the rest of my family will be pulling their money out of Chase as well.  She thanked me and told me that she had a son in the 4th grade and that she was going to look into this.

The irony is that I do not have a Face Book, so those of you who do, please post and if you (or your spouse) do not feel comfortable posting a particular company on your Face Book – just delete that one company and post the rest.   I know of at least one person who is alerting his company to this bad press.  Many companies want to shut this type of bad press down before it gets out of hand.  Politicians are pushing this on our kids because corporations are pushing this on them.  Remember – who are big donors to political campaigns?  Who are referring to our children as human capital to be used( cheap labor) in their work force?

Resource Bank and Parish National Bank both have teachers connected to presidents and past presidents of these local banks.  I know Resource has recently expanded from St. Tammany to the South Shore.  Be sure and tell these institutions why you are transferring your money there.  I resent the attachment with an updated list of all the businesses to boycott. 🙂

Have A Great Week End!

Debbie Sachs

To learn more please refer to Dr. Mercedes Schneider’s post: http://deutsch29.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/nga-corporate-fellowsproviding-governors-ideas-that-work/

Link to pdf with details on Boycott and list of companies to target for their support of Common Core: tuna fish and common core2

My kids belong themselves and  to me; not to you, or your community, or company.
My kids belong themselves and to me; not to you, or your community, or any company.

Teachers Speaking out Against Common Core – (What was promised, was not what was delivered)

Teachers Speaking out Against Common Core – (What was promised, was not what was delivered)

This information comes from our friends at LAPACC, Louisiana Parents Against Common Core.


In this post, you will find the testimony of a Louisiana teacher. The identity of this teacher will not be revealed, you will just have to trust that we have verified this to be from an actual teacher.

We hope that this brave teacher’s testimony will open the flood gates. We invite each and every Louisiana teacher to send us their up close and personal look at what Common Core is doing to education. All you have to do is email info@lapacc.com.

Thank you, brave teacher. We thank you and support you!!!

Teacher Testimony:

“Common Core.” I first heard those words uttered only a few years back. I still remember going to a fellow classroom teacher’s room during my planning period to watch a state education webinar that gave some very “basic” information about it. After viewing it, we all had mixed emotions. We weren’t sure exactly what it meant. It didn’t sound too terribly bad. From what we were told, it was a curriculum that got rid of unnecessary grade level expectations that we were already struggling to fit into our jam packed curriculum back then. It would supposedly focus on the basics and concentrate on them longer until they were mastered by the students. Another proposed positive of the coming national curriculum was that it would ease the transition of students that moved from one school to another or moved from one state to another. As you can see, none of this sounded like anything scary. As a matter of fact, it sounding like a positive change was coming. And one thing was told to us in certainty, “This IS coming.”

Fast forward to this year (2013-14), and I can tell you that I am a very frustrated teacher that is now being forced to teach this nationalized curriculum that is everything that I never expected it would be. Proponents of this say that teachers have more autonomy than ever in the classroom. This just isn’t so. In fact, it is the complete opposite. You see, as the curriculum was falsely advertised to us in the beginning, it was also blindly accepted by our governor and state department of education. They accepted money from “Race to the Top” initiative and adopted the standards before they were even written. The standards have been written now, but as we delve deeper into what these standards truly are, they are not standards that are a part of a positive education movement but a political movement fueled by agendas and money. We have been coerced into teaching THEIR curriculum and THEIR ways after accepting THEIR money.

As a quick example of how we no longer have autonomy, all I have to do is mention several things that have been forced into my classroom this year. In a scramble at the district level to align to the new Common Core curriculum, our district selected and spent a ton of money on a Common Core aligned textbook series for Language Arts. We were told that we “must” use the series since so much money was spent. Additionally, the school board has formed teams that perform “walk throughs” that go into the schools and classrooms to monitor and make certain there is evidence that Common Core is being taught, along with certain strategies for teaching these new standards. The visit from this team ultimately results in each principal’s evaluation. Do some quick research, and these “walk throughs” and observation processes come from training by companies, such as “Teachscape,” to our districts which are funded by the Bill and Melynda Gates Foundation. They want to make sure their funded initiative is being followed through within the schools and its classrooms.

Today, there was a show that aired on TV, “Frances and Friends,” where a panel of experts was chosen to discuss and expose what Common Core really is. This panel had recently spoken at an “anti” Common Core forum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They uncovered how this curriculum’s agenda aims to eradicate literature, rewrite history, and take away logic and geometric proof. They talked about how this curriculum does not truly promote rigor or critical thinking. As the panelist Jane Robbins stated, “This is not an education model, this is a workforce development model. We have an alliance of government and big businesses, and then we have the private foundations who are benefitting from all of this (Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, etc.). We are going towards a two tiered society, which is the ruling class (the elite and ultra rich) and the workforce (poverty level class).” As I watched, I found myself nodding in agreement, becoming enraged, and wanting to do something about all this. To quote another of the panelists, Emmett McGroarty warned, “Every check and balance in the American system has failed with respect to this issue. We are down to the last check and balance, which is the American people. That’s the issue on the table. Will the people reach out, pick up their telephone, call their state representative, call their state senator, and call their governor and demand to get us out? Get us out [of Common Core] now!” We have a narrow window to act. Are we okay with this educational mush and political propaganda taking over our education system? What will we as teachers, parents, and the American people do? That is the question. We must stop these personal agendas that will take over our culture and our children’s minds before it is too late!

Crazy Crawfish Says. . .

The next time you see a poll or survey of teachers that were in favor of Common Core, remember that what is promised and what people say yes to is not always what is delivered. The Promise of Common Core did not live up to the reality. Sometimes in life salesmen will sell you the lemon, trying to make a fast buck. As responsible consumer, it’s your job to return it when they do, to tell others about your bad experience, and to shop somewhere else next time. The free market does not work when government simply tells you to make lemonade out of your lemons, and like it. Do your job, folks. Here’s the testimony of someone doing their job. There is no dishonor in making a mistake, but there is in just accepting the damage without trying to mitigate it after you become aware, and allowing others to be harmed by your decision and your silence.

Quick update to crawfish events

I will not be on theChalkface radio today at 5 -6.  I came down with pneumonia after the Common Core conference and speaking is not one of the things in am doing well at the moment. (Coughing and wheezing is even less pleasant to listen to over the radio than in person, I assure you.)

I will be at the NPE Event in Austin next week (1st of March) but will only be on a panel on the first on student #BRCCforum in the early morning.   (Assuming I’m cured of course)

This means more time to compare notes and organize next weekend and to perhaps blog and live-tweet other panels and speakers.  (Let me know if you want to meet to discuss a particular topic or strategize at a particular time. )