New Orleans Recovery School District *Choice*

To paraphrase slightly, I think Ashana Bigard explained it best when she said it’s not about informing new parents how to choose the best school for their kids, but rather choosing the least worst school. This is the model coming to every corner of Louisiana if we don’t fight tooth and nail for our own schools and our own children. The people that claim New Orleans is a success are by and large the ones who don’t send their kids to these schools, and who make money off of the privatization of our schools. The next time you hear someone telling you about how great the schools in New Orleans are, ask them how many of their kids are attending public school there. Chances are they have their kids in a private school, their kids already graduated, or they have no kids and are just here to make a buck and name for themselves before they pack up and ransack another already impoverished city.

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The state-run Recovery School District (RSD) in New Orleans is about appearance, not truth. It is about control, not choice.

I have written extensively on the “RSD success” illusion. It is an illusion that has come to the New Orleans community at great cost.

Below is a firsthand account of life in the RSD written by New Orleans parent advocate Ashana Bigard and originally posted on Edushyster’s blog.

Bigard’s account provides a sobering reminder that the state-run RSD exploits New Orleans families.

Big Easy, Little Choice

Is New Orleans-style school choice a model or a cautionary tale?

New Orleans parent advocate Ashana Bigard.

By Ashana Bigard
When I talk about *choice* in New Orleans I use quotations with both fingers and I wink too. Supposedly we have what’s called a *choice model for excellent education* but the reality is that the overwhelming majority of…

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  1. Interesting


    Sue A Bogren
    Special Education Coordinator
    LeBlanc Special Services Center
    611 North Burnside
    Gonzales, LA 70737
    225 391-7290

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