Senate Education Chairman Appel purchases Discovery stock week before company enters into state Techbook agreement

I’m not sure that Sissy West is the originator of this information, but I have seen this information floating around and have talked to a few of the folks who I think discovered it originally or perhaps additionally. Nevertheless, it does raise a few eyebrows and questions. While the amount may not seem like a lot, Martha Stewart went to jail over insider trading over a comparatively very small sum compared to her billions of net worth. And just because something may be “legal”, it does not make it ethical. The motivations of people that profit from their decisions in state matters will always be called into question, as well they should.

Louisiana Voice

On Dec. 7, 2010, Discovery Education, a division of Discovery Communications, announced that Louisiana and Indiana had joined Oregon in adopting the Discovery Education Science Techbook as a digital core instructional resource for elementary and middle school science instruction.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed researcher, Sissy West, who writes a blog opposing the Common Core curriculum, we have learned that seven days before the deal between the state and Discovery Education was made public, on Nov. 30, State Sen. Conrad Appel (R-Metairie) purchased Discovery Communications stock, according to financial disclosure records filed with the State Ethics Board.

Appel is a major proponent of education reform in Louisiana, including the controversial Common Core curriculum.

He also is Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and was in a unique position to know not only of the pending deal between Discovery Education and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) as well…

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