The Three La. Common Core Development “Teachers” Work for LDOE

Here are your three “teachers” from Louisiana who “developed” the common core. I think Common Core finally makes a certain amount of sense now. The math portion was developed by a PE teacher from LDOE. No wonder my daughter has to add up so many basketballs and then divide them by the number of soccer balls to the kickball power, foursquared.


This is the story of two press releases and three Louisiana “mystery” teachers involved in “developing” CCSS.

The first is the July 2009 National Governors Association (NGA) press release for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics work groups– the “inner circle” that is the only group identified as “developing” CCSS based upon the language in the CCSS MOU (memorandum of understanding).

This first press release does not clearly identify any Louisiana classroom teachers.

As it turns out, in September 2013, both NGA and its CCSS copyright owner, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) released another document, supposedly listing the same information: CCSS ELA and math work group membership.

The names on the two documents do not exactly match. In fact, the 2013 document– released three years after CCSS was completed— includes what appears as an effort to show that…

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