John White’s is doing a fantastic job!

John White is doing a fantastic job at destroying public education. BESE recently reviewed White and gave him 3 out of 4 on his annual review and commended him for his great success. Let’s recap some of his success stories:

John White’s Course Choice program was abused by fraudulent vendors who went door to door asking mentally disabled children and adults to sign up for advanced Math Classes. Many of the enrollees failed to show up for classes and teachers working for Course Choice were assigned in excess of 400 students, and they got paid by the state. John White made an executive decision that Course Choice providers do not need to have any certifications nor do they actually have to ensure students attend or complete coursework, and he decided test scores for students taking tested subjects would route back to the home school for SPS reporting purposes, even though those schools never taught the student the tested subject. John White fail.

John White’s voucher program encourages non-public schools to ignore the law for reporting financial transactions. Most of the schools participating in the program did not comply with keeping accurate records of how they spent their state funding allocations, and White touted their compliance as exemplary and sanctioned none of them. One of the only schools to actual comply with the proper accounting of the funds, New Living Word in Ruston, was ejected from the program for too large of a discrepancy between what they were charging for tuition to some students and what they were charging the state for others. They were not ejected for being the largest recipient of vouchers while not having a school building, nor for teaching all their kids all their subjects with biblical DVDs. That equates to a good choice for parents in John White’s department of education. To most “thinking” humans this would be a John White fail.

John White catastrophically bungled the Common Core rollout singlehandedly. No one helped him foul this up, and he was very thorough. John White’s complete incompetence resulted in mass protests statewide, a continuous presence of pissed off parents at the capital, numerous anti-Common Core parents groups in most parishes, numerous parishes passing resolutions backing getting out of Common Core, numerous bills filed to escape the Common Core mandates, and tens of thousands of confused and upset parents and teachers floundering with the abysmal execution and poor material, John White chose and continues to defend. He has now targeted Common Core to be complete by 2025. Such Confidence. John White FAIL.

John White’s VAM (Value Added Modeling) evaluation program was so terrible he had to exclude numerous teachers from the ridiculous impacts. Now the impacts are postponed for 2 more years, and will probably be cancelled because he no longer has the staff to calculate them anymore. He drove them off. Good for teachers and Louisiana, but not an impressive showing for John White. FAIL.

John White recently had to explain to the legislature that his department was short 50 million dollars for funding. 30 million of this was based on incorrect student counts. 20 million on something vague he termed “cash flow”, or what I call not knowing what the hell is going on. Student counts are completed in October in normal years. John White hired someone unqualified (they “embellished” their resume – I have the SF10s to prove as well as what I was told in person) to oversee the data department that drove all of my colleagues off, for personal reasons, because she didn’t like them (she told me as much numerous times) and so she could hire her friends who were not qualified. This person drove off the last two employees that knew how to properly do student counts at the end of September/early October 2013, in the middle of the collections. While John White has not fessed up how they were off 7500 students, I imagine this is why. This is causing a major problem for the legislature trying to find enough funding during a budget crunch. FAAAAAAAAAAIL

You can keep the BESE you’ve got, one that praises John White’s failures, or you can look for a change here:



If only Common Core really helped with critical thinking.

This is a great read and if you are looking for an amusing but frank discussion on Common Core, and ed reform issues broken down into bite-sized chunks for easy reading digestion with a great central underlying theme. I think you will enjoy this “thoughtful” piece.

Dad Gone Wild

Pinky and the Brain podering Critical Thinking The last couple of years I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about Common Core and Education Policy and I am at a conundrum. We seem to be pursuing a goal in a manner that reflects none of the qualities we desire to produce. I was raised that if you value honesty demonstrate honesty. If you value kindness, be kind. These are the truism’s that I try to live by and instill into my children. After all, modeling is still the most effective form of teaching.

When I apply this metric to our education policy there seems to be a disconnect. One of the big pillars of Common Core is that it increases kids ability to critically think. However if that’s the goal shouldn’t we as adults already be exhibiting that ability? Because truth be told, at this point I’m not seeing a whole lot of critical thinking involved in the current conversation…

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