If only Common Core really helped with critical thinking.

This is a great read and if you are looking for an amusing but frank discussion on Common Core, and ed reform issues broken down into bite-sized chunks for easy reading digestion with a great central underlying theme. I think you will enjoy this “thoughtful” piece.

Dad Gone Wild

Pinky and the Brain podering Critical Thinking The last couple of years I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about Common Core and Education Policy and I am at a conundrum. We seem to be pursuing a goal in a manner that reflects none of the qualities we desire to produce. I was raised that if you value honesty demonstrate honesty. If you value kindness, be kind. These are the truism’s that I try to live by and instill into my children. After all, modeling is still the most effective form of teaching.

When I apply this metric to our education policy there seems to be a disconnect. One of the big pillars of Common Core is that it increases kids ability to critically think. However if that’s the goal shouldn’t we as adults already be exhibiting that ability? Because truth be told, at this point I’m not seeing a whole lot of critical thinking involved in the current conversation…

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