BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana Governor Jindal Drops PARCC and Common Core


Jindal just finished a press conference.

His words, summarized:

PARCC selection did not comply with La state law requiring a bidding process– this voids PARCC agreement. Jindal has asked for a financial audit of PARCC spending and an open, competitive bidding process for assessment.

He said that suspending PARCC is what he was able to do immediately via executive order.

He also contacted NGA and CCSSO and terminated La’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) for Common COre (CCSS). He said when he signed on, he did not realize the federal control that CCSS would bring into the state.

He charged the La State Board of Ed (BESE) to produce state standards and state assessments. He wants BESE to work with legislature on this.

More to come.

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana Governor Jindal Drops PARCC and Common Core

  1. Everyone please contact Jindal’s office and thank him for his efforts…ALSO please tell him that LOUISIANA PARENTS WANT JOHN WHITE GONE!!!!!!! Phone and email please…

  2. Um, not really. He said he has plans to drop it (key word: plans). His authority to do so will probably be disputed legally. Do you really imagine there will be a brand new set of Louisiana standards come August? We’ll be teaching Common Core Standards.

    1. Don’t need “brand new” : We have GLEs and iLEAP/LEAP as stop-gap if need be.

      There have been rumblings about a White/Jindal division since the Seabough (sp?) solution. This is the fruition: John White no longer was following orders, tried to “gang up” with Chas, and it is failing. Jindal’s polite comments were the “Gentlemen’s agreement” behavior to fend off a duel.

    2. Or old GLE’s. It will be chaos. He should have acted sooner to have prevented that. However education under Jindal and White has been chaos every year. I expect schools will do whatever they did last year with some minor tweaks for new textbooks and materials.

  3. BESE hired White, not Jindal. This is the BESE bought and paid for by Jindal supporters, and the agreement was to get rid of teacher tenure and hire John White. It’ll take 4 votes from elected BESE members, assuming Jindal’s appointees vote to can White. Beebe and Hill will go along, so it takes 2 more.

    There is no way that existing contracts can cover PARCC assessment and grading IF Jindal can tie up funds. The fact that LA is a member of the consortium (PARCC) puts a peculiar spin on the argument. The agreement is sort of with ourselves to use PARCC.

    Dobard is not a capable administrator. Pastorek is back in town. Bendily is still with the LDoE. BUT here’s a curve ball. Holly Boffy wants to be state superintendent so bad she can taste it, and she’s one of the harlots in the whorehouse BESE.

    Jindal has a lot riding on this.

    1. Dobard is the easily controllable figurehead he needs. Boffy is only a credible choice to Boffy. (I will give her neverending hell if she becomes sup and I take Chas place. ) Pastorek is back for $$ to take care of his family which requires more than 500k a year. Only reason he escaped being crucified is because he was out of town. Things are different now and I will crush cajun Napoleon with his own words and deeds.

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