LouisianaVoice fund drive has just three days remaining

Please support Tom Aswell and Louisiana Voice if you can. Tom does great work and helps us hold Louisiana politicians accountable for their actions and exposes their misdeeds. He does so with speed and gusto that traditional media sources can’t even come close to. We bloggers do incur expenses form time to time in addition to the vast amounts of time we spend interviewing sources, answering emails, reviewing evidence and writing our posts. A lot goes into our work that you don’t see, and we want to do more, but we need help. Tom is trying the NPR funding approach. Tom doesn’t charge for his services, which are public services and a public good that all people can benefit from, but we are asking that if you are in a position to support his work to please do so. Can you imagine a Louisiana without the Voice and others to hold our “leaders” accountable? (Scary thought, right?)

If you would like to see the coverage of such pieces expanded and you have the ability to wherewithal the make a modest contribution, please do so. You will be helping yourself and your state and our future with your pledge.

Thank you.

Jason France
Crazy Crawfish

Louisiana Voice

The first ever LouisianaVoice fundraiser has only three days to go and to those who have contributed either by PayPal or by personal check, we are deeply humbled by and grateful for the enthusiastic response. We have almost reached our goal and with your help, we can make it. Please help support us in our effort to give you the stories behind the stories.

We at LouisianaVoice attempt to illustrate how events and people are interconnected by money and power. You won’t find that in any other news reports on Louisiana politics. Most issues in state politics can be traced directly to campaign contributions or the influence that money buys—and that’s what we try to bring to you through our research and reporting.

Your contribution can go a long way in assisting us in our efforts to shine the glaring light of true transparency on the actions of our elected…

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