Still Waiting in Lines, Nine Years Later

One of the tragic truths behind all the hype about choice. Congrats to all tbe Reformers for extending the tragedy of Katrina out 9 years later and still going. I can’t wait till i can queue in lines all day like they used to have in communist Russia to try and enroll my kids in school only to be turned away and told to try again tomorrow. What a choice.

Thanks for sharing, Karran.

Education Talk New Orleans

July 9th, over 800 parents try to enroll their children in public schools in New Orleans through the Recovery School District's One App process. July 9th, over 800 parents try to enroll their children in public schools in New Orleans through the Recovery School District’s One App process.

Nine years after the state takeover of our schools, parents find themselves standing in line for education.

This post was going to be very different. I was going to write about how my day started. I just deleted what I’d written because of a text I received from a parent today.

In the text she writes:

“I don’t think I will be there tomorrow I can’t handle all those people. I have flash back from Katherine when we had to stand in line for food &water for our children in the heat now we have to do it for education . So every Charte school can get a head count to get there money that’s not beneficial to our Kids .”

No, I did not…

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6 thoughts on “Still Waiting in Lines, Nine Years Later

  1. Beautiful piece, CrawDaddy! We sometimes forget that those things that are difficult impediments to some are utter impossibilities for others, like Ms Karran.

    Ideas in “theory” don’t always pan flesh out so nicely in reality.

  2. My understanding of this article is, there are a few schools that the parents what their children to attend. If that is so, allow those charter schools to open up more schools under their name with those charter boards over seeing all of those schools. By allowing this to happen, the parents will have more schools to select from (under those boards) and some of them might be close to their homes, “which would be great.” So, may ask this question? “Is the reforming/several different charter school boards of education working in New Orleans for the parents and their children?” Oh, that is right, the parents do have a CHOICE or do they? HMMMMMMMMMM.

    1. Openning new schools is not like popping a new frozen pizza in the oven. There are not infinite buildings with identical accommodations in the same locations with the same teaching staff, student bodies and leadership. The choices are charter schools in many cases. Parents learned last year they can’t move their kids once the start the school year so are less likely to take a risk with a new unproven operator I imagine. Many/most don’t have reliable or any transportation so picking up or dropping off kids in emergencies, participating in school functions or extracuriculars becomes more difficult for schools located across town from where they live. Neighborhood schools are a thing of the past. Many parents are left with no choices and bad situations.

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