BESE member Jay Guillot’s company paid $1.5 million for work for RSD, South Louisiana school boards in 2013-2014

Unethical behavior appears to be the norm, not the exception, for BESE. I would most certainly be out of place if I got elected.

Louisiana Voice

One of the most frustrating things in writing about this administration is obvious wrongdoing is reported and nothing is done.

In Bobby Jindal we have a governor who is constantly bitching about Washington in general and the Obama administration in particular while turning a blind eye to corruption, profiteering and ethical violations within his own administration.

You would think that the man who, upon taking office in 2008, said, “We have zero tolerance for corruption” would make at least a token effort to keep his house in order.

Instead, he gutted the enforcement authority of the State Ethics Board, ran off members of the board, and commenced to allow his political pals to run unchecked.

The sordid episode of State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson and the manner in which he was allowed to increase his state pension by nearly 70 percent is just the latest in a sorry laundry list…

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4 thoughts on “BESE member Jay Guillot’s company paid $1.5 million for work for RSD, South Louisiana school boards in 2013-2014

  1. and Holly Boffy an employee of CCSSO (counsel of chief state school officers-all the John Whites and Paul Pastereks from around the country) , one of the primary originators and supporters of Common Core/PARCC. Roemer’s sister, the princess of charter schools. The Orange from Orleans a TFA executive. Walter Lee …

    1. I don’t. He was still a crook and ruined the Democrat party in the state with his corrupt antics. Into this power vaccuum he created came all their pseudo-conservative shysters that still rip us off, but do so more carefully and in ways they make legal first but which are still amoral and unethical. Edwards got busted for something relatively minor in the grand Louisiana scheme of things, but you can be sure there was plenty he just got away with.

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