New Group Asks Congress to Protect Student Privacy

I was asked to join a new student privacy coalition yesterday, which I did. Diane Ravitch posted their press release on her site.

Enclosed is my statement of support:

Jason France
Privacy Activist, Louisiana

“Information is proving to be the most valuable commodity of the 21st Century. We must all fight to keep ourselves and our society safe from the information prospectors that see us and our children as little more than their next Klondike while they conspire to chain us inextricably to their Big Data mines.”

Diane Ravitch's blog

In this era of Big Data, many organizations want to collect and use personal student data for their own ends. In recent years, the U.S Department of Education has weakened the privacy protections embedded in FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Parent activists wants Congress to take action to protect their children’s privacy rights.


July 23, 2014

For more information contact:

Leonie Haimson:; 401-466-2262; 917-435-9329

Rachael Stickland:; 303-204-1272

New Coalition Urges Congress to Listen to Parents and Strengthen Student Privacy Protections

A new coalition called the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy released a letter today to the leaders of the committees of the House and Senate Education Committees, urging Congress to strengthen FERPA and involve parents in the decision-making process to ensure that their children’s privacy is protected.

Many of the groups and individuals in the Coalition were involved in the battle over inBloom…

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3 thoughts on “New Group Asks Congress to Protect Student Privacy

  1. THANK YOU, Jason, for this very valuable information and THANK YOU for all the hard work you have done to keep parents and citizens informed of the corruption and unethical actions of those in our very own LDOE and legislature. THANK YOU for being a ” true” leader in this fight against the destruction of our public(and soon to be private) education system. And, THANK YOU for being the tenacious little mudbug that you are! You are the Craw-diddy of Education Bloggers and, did I mention THANK YOU!!!!

    1. You are very welcome. Just tryin’ to keep em honest and on their toes. 🙂 They may still rob us, but at least I give y’all a chance to see ’em comin’

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