What is going on in your school and Parish with Common Core in the courts?

My daughter’s first day of second grade was today. My son will start his first day of kindergarten in a few days. I am curious to see how my school system addresses the Common Core/testing issue that seems to be destined for a lifetime of litigation tied up in the court system. Feel free to give me an update on what’s going on in your parishes and schools. I’m not aware of anyone compiling a list of experiences and issues but that seems like something someone should be doing, so why not us?


22 thoughts on “What is going on in your school and Parish with Common Core in the courts?

  1. One Bossier Parish school told parents that their motto for the year is “Let It Go”. If you have a second grade daughter you know that all too well.

      1. I asked for clarification. They said they’re going to teach last year’s common core curriculum until someone tells them not to, and they’re not going to worry about the test.

  2. St Tammany Parish Superintendent said in an interview that before CC we were using our Guaranteed Curriculum and that it worked before so it should work now. I did notice in both my kids class that their Math workbooks had been put together by the Parish this year.

    1. Angela – We know better now. St. Tammany is actually using Eureka Math. The Board voted last Thursday to phase it out during this year but may amend that or replace that motion this Thursday for the final vote.

  3. Several districts I’ve had communication with are continuing with CC and using Eureka Math. These must be Roemerites.

  4. St. Martin parish did textbook review teacher committees and each grade band voted by school on which textbook company had the best textbook and resources for their grade levels. Even had parent nights to get their input. After a very intensive process, new CCSS aligned textbooks were purchased for all grade levels. Purchased from Houghton Mifflin, Glencoe, and Pearson. No sign of much Eureka Math here. District Writing team with District Teacher Leaders are writing CCSS aligned curriculum. Now if we can just get rid of the PARCC-like, LEAP-like Spring testamajiggy we would maybe get through this year in one piece. That is, if we don’t lose any more veteran teachers.

    1. Interesting approach. There’s probably little options for non-CCSS aligned texts at this point unless they just buy books prepared for Texas. What will they be doing for math?

      1. We did the same process for both ELA and Math. You are correct about options. But Since the state gave us so little preparation for CCSS, we decided to do the work on our own. With District support, we will make sure our students are learning the skills they need, since it is obvious the LDOE is clueless about what goes on in classrooms. I trust our teachers.

        1. At least some districts are finding out they can rely on their teachers and forget about the tests. We will find that the world did not end as a result and I hope we can use this to push back against the drill and kill culture that passes for education these days.

    2. Why are the districts writing CCSS curriculum when there are plenty of sources around and it might get pitched depending upon the lawsuits? That seems like a lot of wasted time and resources to me.

  5. St. Landry is continuing with the CCSS. We have not adopted new books, but are using the alignment created last year to fully implement the CCSS. With no information on testing forthcoming, we plan to teach the standards and hope that students will be prepared for whatever test the state decides to send our way.

  6. Terrebonne Parish threw out a math curriculum created locally by our own teachers in favor of Eureka math. One week into school and homework is a joke. Eureka is horrible just as expected and has not changed at all from it alias EngageNY. I sure wish I knew how much money my parish wasted buying this crap.

    1. Paula,
      One district I know of, and I would consider it in the ‘larger parishes’ told me they spent $500,000 just for paper for Eureka Math for 1 year!…..so it isn’t hard to figure out what Terrebonne spent for the ‘free’ (that’s what the LADOE is selling you) program. I can pretty much bet, any quality publisher could sell you a good program that will accomplish the same thing for a whole lot less!

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