Louisiana School Board Sues State to Block Funding of Charter in Its District

For profit charter schools make contributions to state BESE members which approve charter schools in districts they do not represent. Iberville is represented by Lottie Bebee and Carolyn Hill, both of which I am sure voted against this charter, yet the charter was approved by other members who received contributions. If I was a taxpayer from Iberville I would be upset that the will of officials I elected was ignored by those who I did not elect and who received money for favorable votes and treatment.

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The Iberville Parish school board decided to sue the state when it learned of the state’s plan to divert a sizable portion of the district’s basic funding to a new, for-profit charter school.

“The Iberville Parish School Board decided Monday it would fight to retain more than $3.8 million in state funding by suing the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“The school district is seeking an injunction to stop BESE from funneling the state Minimum Foundation Program funding to a new charter school, which opened on Monday, until the matter can be heard in court.

“The board made the decision during its regular meeting Monday night at the recommendation of Superintendent Ed Cancienne, who previously called the opening of the Iberville Charter Academy “an intrusion on the school district’s rights and tax money.”

“Chief Financial Officer Jolain Landry said the Iberville Parish School System was set to receive…

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One thought on “Louisiana School Board Sues State to Block Funding of Charter in Its District

  1. Crazycrawfish, you have once again helped bring the truth out into the open. Charter schools frequently do not operate as they were intended. Too often they are imposed on communities by outside profiteers.

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