Why the Jindal Loss Was Expected Regarding La.’s PARCC Injunction

What Dr. Schneider explains is exactly what I was afraid would happen. I was one if the first folks to publicly support and thank Jindal for his seeming change of heart on Common Core. Many folks told me this was all a carefully choreographed ruse. One of the first moves Jindal did was invite a score of Common Core opponents/leaders over for a photo op. (For some reason I was not invited. 🙂 ) I wondered at the time if that was what this was all about. I was encouraged by his seeming vigor and persistence. However, this feeble attempt makes me second guess my earlier support. Common Core is still being taught in all our schools. The PARCC tests will be bought and administered. Jindal has allowed his own BESE appointees to vote to sue him without any form of reprisals (unlike Tammy Mcdaniel, a previous Jindal appointee to BESE who voted against Jindal’s will once (not even to sue him personally) and he demanded her resignation.)

Jindal could have acted before the legislative session was over, and chose not to. All he has done is sew chaos in our education system. That is all Jindal has ever done since he first came to power. I suppose it was naive of me to think his latest moves would be any different.

A pity.

A shame.

Another tragedy for Louisiana.


On August 19, 2014, District Judge Todd Hernandez ruled that the Jindal administration’s suspension of the Louisiana state testing contract was to be temporarily lifted until the pro-Common Core (CCSS) full case against Jindal and his administration goes to court. (For backstory, click here.)

I was surprised at the judge’s ruling because the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) spliced the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment into an already-existing “sole source” testing contract with Data Recognition Corp (DRC).

Pearson has been awarded the PARCC assessment contract, not DRC.

It is possible that Pearson could hire DRC as a PARCC subcontractor. As it is, DRC has been hired as part of a team to develop assessments for the other federally-funded consortium, Smarter Balanced. However, there is no way that DRC is the sole source for PARCC.

This means that Louisiana will fund an extra…

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7 thoughts on “Why the Jindal Loss Was Expected Regarding La.’s PARCC Injunction

  1. Thanks, Jason, for putting into words exactly how am feeling about Jindal’s true intentions when it comes to Common Core. Really can’t take much more of these shenanigans.

  2. So if this was a carefully choreographed ruse….what was the purpose/goal to do it in the first place, since he (Jindal) knew it wasn’t going to work, because he didn’t take advantage of doing what he should have done earlier in the year, etc? All he did is get lots of people’s hopes up for nothing, wasted lots of $$, time, and effort, and certainly didn’t make any friends with the Tea Party/Republican base if that was his object.

  3. “Twas a crystal clear ploy to ingratiate himself to Tea Party interests. The callous hypocrisy evident here speaks volumes. Were Jindal truly interested in correcting the acts of a state agency that crossed state bidding rules he’d not have assigned his legal representation to a lawyer who has yet to win a Jindal education related case.

    1. Lol. That was my point when I found out Faircloth was representing the state. Nothing says failure like Faircloth representing your side. At least Jindal gave even more money to one of his biggest campaign contributors. That’s not corrupt, that’s just Louisiana politics.

    2. He certainly didn’t win any friends in the Republican/Tea Party with this stunt…. if this was his object! …he did just the opposite!

      1. He tried to fool them I think. He must not respect them very much to have tried this and choked so poorly and obviously. I think even the reformers and media are surprised at how easily he was defeated.

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