Punk Rock Education Style

I really like this uplifting post about the current trajectory of the anti-deform movement and agree with the sentiment and assessment (and not just because of the shoutout to me.) 🙂

Dad Gone Wild

th35Y27XTCIn 1977 I fell in love with Punk Rock. In 1977 that wasn’t an easy thing to do. There was no internet. There was no Spotify. Punk Rock wasn’t covered by any major magazines. So to fall in love you had to somehow tap into this magical network of fellow fans and work to become knowledgeable. I remember meeting a guy in a record store in New Hope. “I noticed you’re looking at the Clash, ever listen to Stiff Little Fingers?” Then depending on their response the conversation would escalate and quite possibly you would get some leads on some new bands that could feed the developing love affair. Only problem was you could go months with out meeting a like minded denizen and you had to find other ways to feed the fire. It made us quite creative.

We were like spies in Cold War Russia, holding on to…

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