This is just a test of the emergency blogcasting system

I am experimenting with a new application for producing blog posts from my smartphone that integrates with WordPress.  I find I have little time these days to sit behind a computer screen at home and pound out some posts and I have thoughts throughout the day I would like to share on various issues.  I now have 30 minutes I  have to wait in a doctors office after receiving allergy shots so it seemed like I should start using that time more productively than playing scramble or candy crush. 


Here is an example of some of our latest Math Homework for my second grader from Houghton Mifflin.   As you can see (assuming the image imports correctly) the wording and font choice for the last problem is atrocious.  1s, ls and Is all look the same and this problem makes no sense as written.  I had to rewrite the problem based on reviewing the rest of the worksheet to see what they were angling for. Here is what I came up with.



p style=”text-align:left;”>Unfortunately my daughter still didn’t understand the purpose of the assignment…and wrote a correct answer (14 tens does equal 14 tens) …that I imagine is not the answer the writers were looking for.

Eureka, EngageNY, and HM are not the only problems here; curriculum-wise. Clearly simply choosing another provider won’t fix all the problems. I have minor to major issues with almost any math homework assignment I pick up. Granted, some could be fixed with better proofreading. But some of this content appears tragically flawed in that even the answers they are looking for are overly contrived,  unhelpful seeming, or confusing to children (and sometimes parents).

I have been mulling some ideas or how we can rebuild our own standards and curriculum.  I hear some other folks are working on some substitute ideas as well.  I am eager to start rolling back the most destructive educatuon reforms and failed Coommon Core experiments once I get elected to BESE. In the meantime hang in there and continue bringing this fight to your local school boards, parents groups and media. We are making headway and the CC, at least the math side, is on the defensive. 

10 thoughts on “This is just a test of the emergency blogcasting system

    1. Lol. Thanks. Sounds like you’re offering to be the sacrifice to appease the angry volcano gods. 🙂

      I do appreciate the offer but we’ve got it mostly… and I couldn’t use you every single day.

      We also need to be concerned with hundreds of thousands of other students and parents probably struggling. I do see many of them posting on Facebook and contacting me. I know I don’t have it as bad as some and I dare not let my daughter see or hear my true feelings or she will use it as an excuse not to even try.

  1. ICK.. FYI

    First line answer is correct on both. 13 tens and 14 tens.
    Second line answer on both us incorrect. Answer is 1 hundred and 3 tens . Ans 1 hundred and 4 tens.third line answer is correct on both. 130 and 140

    1. I know. We have an arrangement. She gets frustrated if I tell her what’s wrong as she’s doing her homework. She asks for my help when she gets stuck. Then I review and tell her which problems are wrong without saying what and let her review her work and try to catch her errors. She usually figures it out…on the ones that make some sense.

  2. As for your experiment with the WP posting app, it looks pretty good, except that I’m seeing some code in one line, at the beginning of the paragraph following your second picture. Just FYI, as I feel your pain with the lack of blogging time.

    1. Yeah I noticed that too. I tried to repost but to no avail. I will tweek a few things around pictures but I like it generally. Seems to lack spell check which will preclude me from getting too wordy, long or elaborate. ..which may be for the best. Thanks!

  3. This work is building foundations for place value understanding. As for homework assignments, “encourage, prompt, motivate” but don’t let it become too stressful. The teacher will review and correct misunderstandings.

  4. Repairing, upgrading, fixing, correcting, or any other superlative you attempt to apply to this “Math”, is irrelevant…
    Common Core is NOT about Math…or English…or even Science…it is about CONTROL.

    Math, English, Problems, Complaints….nothing about the REAL danger Common Core represents. Once Common Core is “adopted” by every one of our schools, our Nation is not even History, as Common Core will even re-write, and then TEACH THEIR version of the true history of our Nation. Once we have ‘accepted’ Common Core, and there is no way to change the agenda, the curriculum, or the Socialism that is known as Common Core, education will ‘morph’ into what Washington D.C. wants our children to learn…Socialism.


    Even the CEO of Common Core testing consortium, PARCC, acknowledges that the GOAL of Common Core is DIRECTING the CORRICULUM…

    You see, the Trojan Horse of Common Core is it’s AGENDA…these children will be taught Social Justice, not Justice…they will learn “Global Warming Science”, not Science…and all of the Politically Correct sewerage that is flowing in a Big Stink out of Washington, D.C.
    After “learning” the New World Order of Education, these children will grow up, graduate, and go out and VOTE for every socialist and/or socialist idea that they have been “taught” is true.

    And America will End.

    Shout it to your neighbors, much as Paul Revere’s famous warning to his compatriots,


    Lacombe, La.

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