Defenders of Public Education Release Recommendations for East Baton Rouge School Board Races

Defenders of Public Education

Press Release

Defenders of Public Education Announce Their Support for East Baton Rouge School Board Candidates

Defenders of Public Education Finalize Their Selections for the November 4th East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Elections

Baton Rouge, LA, October 21, 2014:  The Defenders of Public Education (DPE) have announced their candidate selections for the November 4th East Baton Rouge Parish School Board races.  DPE is a non-partisan group formed in 2013 that is comprised of thousands of public school educators, parents, and advocates from across the State of Louisiana.  Our mission is to promote quality public schools and qualified and committed education leaders that will always put children before profit and will fearlessly represent the voters in their districts.

DPE submitted a survey to all candidates in the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board race and based on the records of candidates and their responses to our survey, DPE has chosen the following education leaders to recommend to voters:

District 1: DPE recommends Mary Lynch.  In stating her opposition to BESE takeover of local public schools she stated:  “Our tax money should be spent on EBR students, not funneled elsewhere.”

District 2: DPE recommends Vereta Lee who opposes school taxes going to profit making charter school operators: “All education dollars should go to benefit our children, not outside managers.”

District 4: DPE recommends Tarvald Smith, who stated, “I will continue to fight the forced imposition of charters and vouchers in our district by outside interests.”

District 5: Based upon their equally strong support of the proper management of all public schools by our elected school board, the Defenders recommend both Jerry Arbour and W. T. Winfield.

For the sake of simplicity DPE did not make recommendations in races which were uncontested.

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