More On John White’s Spring 2015 PARCC Fraud

Mercedes, myself and a few others discussed the implications of these no bid micro-contracts this morning. I don’t expect the majority of BESE that unwaveringly supports John White and all his fraud and malfeasance to reign him in over contracting for a test the approve of anyway. I would hope that Kristy Nichols would take a look at this situation however. Over the summer Nichols and DOA reduced John White’s contracting authority from 20,000 to 2,000 on July 12th to prevent John White from circumventing state procurement laws and procedures for contracting services. If anyone is going to put a halt to this obvious subversion of the Governor’s will and the spirit of the State’s contracting laws it will have to be DOA, Nichols and Jindal. I would contact those folks and let them know what you think about White’s latest scheme and ask them to intervene.


When it comes to Louisiana’s supposed “PARCC test,” we are flying solo– and by the seat of Louisiana Superintendent John White’s pants.

Not at all an encouraging thought.

Louisiana is not included among the ten states plus DC scheduled to administer the legitimate, Peason-developed PARCC common assessments in Spring 2015. (Read here, and here, and also here for the evidence.)

White has been downplaying this fact before an oblivious media and a stunned Louisiana public– administrators, teachers, and parents alike who have been subtly misled by White to believe that Louisiana is somehow connected to the 2014-15 PARCC common assessments.

It just is not so.

Yet White knows he must concoct some arrangement to test Louisiana students and convince all involved that his 2014-15 testing product is “PARCC-like” in order to keep the “PARCC” ruse alive so that he can try to really get Louisiana into legitimate PARCC in 2015-16. To carry this off…

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6 thoughts on “More On John White’s Spring 2015 PARCC Fraud

      1. I also expect this test to include a lot of crappy Eureka jargon to manufacture “evidence” that Eureka has the best math product. All the teacher leaders will write the test to test Eureka mastery, not Common Core standards at all.

  1. Contact Kristi and Jindal, why? If BJ didn’t want White there, he would be gone. Evidence to the contrary is that anyone who has not gone along with whatever BJ wanted was terminated and John White is still there. Or am I missing something here, if so please expound.

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