My Recent Piece on Charter Schools in Louisiana has been Published in the Progressive.

I was recently asked to write and submit a story to The Progressive, a national magazine with a liberal slant established in 1909 and home of the Public School Shakedown, where I am listed as a featured writer for some of my blog posts.  Charter School fraud and abuse is a concern of both Liberals and Conservatives, and I try to speak to and educate both sides whenever the opportunity arises.  I am told this magazine is read by a large number of college professors at Universities across the United States.  We could really use their help combating the lies, fraud, and abuse of charter schools and their PR firms and phoney advertising campaigns and claims of success.  I hope this piece reaches some of them.  What is happening to our K-12 systems now will be happening to our university systems next.

You can see a Table of Contents of this issue here, which includes a brief history and examples of charter schools and their dirty dealings in Louisiana. My article is called Behind the Charter School Façade. I will let you know when they post a link to this story.

The Progressive will be posting and sharing stories from the issue all month.

Here is a link to the first piece: a cartoon/video The Progressive started sharing Monday about a charter chain named Rocketship Academies that has not yet come to Louisiana but which has every intention of doing so.

For those unfamiliar with this chain, Rocketship has large teacher to student ratios, largely employs inexperienced teachers, and keeps kids in large warehouse like environments filled with colorful confining cubicles crammed with computers which they must interact with most of their days on math and ELA test preparation. Very little time is spent on history, art, science, culture or PE in Rocketship Academies.


This animated video by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore looks at school privatization through the eyes of little Timmy, a kindergartener who likes his public school.

Timmy gets a confusing lesson in corporate education reform, starting with the rightwing mantra: “Public schools have failed.”

“But I like my public school,” Timmy protests.

– See more at:


Here the video is embedded in a web story with some explanatory text:


In my piece I will cover charter chains we sadly already do have in Louisiana and some of their misdeeds right in our backyards. I have numerous stories not included in this issue I will be rolling out this month (I had way more information than they could possibly print in a single story.)

However, there is no need to wait until the Progressive releases this content for free! You can purchase a digital or digital + print subscription for 10 or 14 dollars a year as I have done. This will give you access to all of the latest stories and content, fresh off the presses, and will go toward supporting more great investigative reporting of charter schools and school reformers.


4 thoughts on “My Recent Piece on Charter Schools in Louisiana has been Published in the Progressive.

  1. The cartoon doesn’t work. At all. Too much misinformation. Too much glibness on a serious issue.

    What was his message:

    For me, The top message he delivers: ‘little Timmy is happy with his school’ and ‘failing doesn’t mean failing’.

    Who does he blame? Big corporations for spending money to spread this belief.

    My rating of this claim: FOUR pinochio’s !!!

    When a message denies reality so poorly, it does not resonate.

    Success comes from identifying problems correctly and then providing solutions for those problems.

    1. Lol. I love the cartoon. Rocketship is really bad. I feel like we’ve had this discussion/question before James, but do you work at a charter school perhaps?

      I think this is intended to engage a different audience in a different medium. I think it works although it is one-sided. Not only conservative think tanks are pushing privatization and reform. The claims being made by these schools are ironically backward in most cases, scores seem to be decreasing and lower than touted, projected or claimed.

      Care to point sketch out a basis for your rating? It’s obviously not meant to be a doctoral thesis so i think you should judge it by the medium as well.

    2. Then why didn’t we do those things instead of imposing charter schools as a universal cure-all, and then do such a piss poor job identifying problems with them and fixing those?

      The answer is money.

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