Dear ASD, Its not the tone that’s the problem

Great blog post by one of my favorite up and coming education bloggers from Tennessee discussing their version of our RSD (Recovery School District).

Of course their problems sound identical to our own: education reform tourists berating us for not looking out for “the children” manipulating data and hiding from it when confronted.

Success in Recovery Districts is all about lies, spin, blaming others and keeping the public in the dark for as long as possible and waiting until any negative stories blow over when they inevitably occur.

Dad Gone Wild

1111Chris Barbic of the Tennessee Achievement District has been out making the interview rounds of late. One of his primary themes has been the tone surrounding the conversation on education. He’s been lamenting how people have lost sight of the kids and that they are the only ones that matter. He’s really bummed that people say awful things about reformers and himself. Of course, there is not a single mention of the role the tourists, as I’ve taken to calling reformers, play in this conversation. Its the classic everybody but I set the tone argument.

In a recent blog post Peter Greene is brilliant in labeling the reform movement as tourists. ( Just like tourists they go into an area and impose their agenda and views on the natives and then get indignant when the natives snap back. Think about how the French react to American tourists. Where do you think the…

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2 thoughts on “Dear ASD, Its not the tone that’s the problem

  1. Crazy Crawfish’s article in The Progressive (December-January issue) was excellent. That same issue also featured a disturbing and probing article by Kristen Buras on the failure of charter schools in New Orleans. Public education in Louisiana has had some disastrous initiatives since Katrina, but at least we have produced some gifted writers to keep us informed sbout them.

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