Keeping it in Perspective.

This is another fabulous gem from one of my favorite introspective bloggers, TC Weber from Tennessee.. He kinda reminds me of me if I was good. 🙂

Dad Gone Wild

kidsThis week Metro Nashville School Board Member Jill Speering wrote a Facebook post that started with the following question:

At last week’s meeting, an MNPS Board member suggested that there are 35,00o seats in Metro Schools that lack “quality” so I’ve been thinking about this language and what this term means. What do we mean by student “success”? What do we mean by “quality” seats?

It’s a question that I wrestle with on a regular basis. As I’ve previously mentioned, I have two small children. My daughter, Avery, is 5 and half, (that half is extremely important to her), and a four-year-old named Peter . Six years ago when my wife was pregnant, we had many conversations about how we wanted to raise our children. We both agreed that we wanted independent, intellectually curious, verbal children who would be equipped to stand up for themselves and navigate the uncertainty that is life. Well, guess…

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3 thoughts on “Keeping it in Perspective.

  1. This is so excellent! There are so many people I’d like to send this to! Unfortunately you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    I’d love to have the TFA types and other politicians who are leading (ruining) education today read this and then engage in conversation about it with them. But they don’t typically converse, that requires too much back and forth and actually looking at someone in the eyes, listening to them in turn, and opening your mind to new ideas.

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