The Time to Act is Now!

It is two months and a week to the election and I am in dire need of volunteers and cash.

The BESE election is scheduled for October 24.

Time is running short to impact an election that will have direct statewide implications for the next four years. If we don’t win the outcome of this election will probably set our public schools and students back a generation or more – assuming we recover at all.

A single person can serve as a catalyst or vehicle for change, but they cannot bring the change alone. I need your help.

The enemies of public education are lying low right now.  They are waiting for the outcome of this election before they add more tests for your kids to take, double down on Common Core, drive off more experienced and qualified teachers, approve more controversial charter schools, expand the voucher program, take over your school districts, and mock you while they are doing it.

If you do not act now, you won’t have another chance for 4 years. You can attend every BESE meeting between now and then but if you have no allies you will be wasting your time and breath.

The time for action is now. There is no more time to waste.  In district 6 Chas Roemer will be declaring his candidacy between September 8-10, a little more than a month before the October 24 primary. His donors are already lined up, his election consultants are waiting in the wings for him to pull the trigger.  That is what he did 4 years ago and promised to do again.

This is not a surprise move. It is a historical pattern we can all see is coming.  Are you ready to concede without a fight?  If you do nothing to help me and our other FlipBESE candidates that is exactly what you are doing.

If you jump in now we still might not win, but if you don’t we almost certainly will lose to the 600k warchest just one of our opposition forces has raised.

If people see us fail without support – will anyone be foolish enough to stand up and put themselves out there next time?

This is your moment. This is a pivotal crossroads for our state, our people and our children.

Will you stand with us, or watch us get cut down where we stand? Everyone, including our enemies, is watching. A tepid response will prove they were right all along.  The opposition (us) is just a handful of troublemakers to be ignored, not a broad multi-spectrum movement that should be feared, respected and listened to.

How we are defined going forward is not up to me, not up to the mainstream media, not up to LABI, or Lane Grigsby, A+PEL, CABL, Bill Gates, or the chamber, it’s up to you.

If you are interested in canvassing please contact me at
With your name and phone number.

I would like to schedule some routes for September 5, 6 and 6 when I will have more time to be directly involved with organizing and canvassing with you and I hope the weather will be much more hospitable to supporting life.

If you would like to contribute please do so.  My page for contributions is