Please Save and Forward Education Campaign Literature

Please save copies of mailouts, commercials still on your DVR, radio ads, etc. from this last election cycle. In particular I am interested in the literature of the BESE candidates who got elected running on bogus platforms with money from LABI and out of state billionaires.  The reformers are claiming their sweep of our elections is not because they outspent us 100 to 1, but a validation of their work and mandate for them to “stay the course.”  There one problem with that.  Not only did they outspend us 100 to 1, they also ran on our platforms with their campaign materials.

Namely: Local Control, End Common Core, eliminate unnecessary testing, pay raises for teachers (nothing about firing them or evaluating them on test scores),  and being representatives of the people.

Many folks not clued into the education scene already know this is total BS.

Stand For Children actually produced a fake emergency News Broadcast the last week of the election and made claims one sitting member had warrants out for their arrest and was breaking numerous laws, none of which was true. It was impossible to read the line it was paid for Stand for Children unless you slowed the commercial down and forwarded it frame by frame.  Rather than run on any issues they chose to falsly defame someone, the last week of the election, who actually does stand for some of the poorest children in our state.

You can thank Michael Bloomberg, and his enormous check to that organization, for that masterpiece.

That organization is evil, plain and simple and those who facilitate evil are just as culpable.

I will be linking all the billionaires, by name, with their handiwork to show you how they are destroying education across the nation with lies and enormous bribes. They will be using what happened in Louisiana as proof that their agenda is popular. It is important for the rest of the country to understand just what they actually sold to people here. Maybe we can serve as a template for the rest of the nation, like education reformers want?  We are an example of what not to do and an example of the extent ed reformers are corrupt and will lie to get what they want.

So save those mailers and record those commercials (with your smartphones even) and youTube them for me.  You can send high res pictures of your mailers.  I want to keep a record of what was promised. 

The world needs bloggers because the mainstream media can’t or won’t report on outright lies.  Because maonstream media won’t fill this roll, people believe the ads and stories must be true, or have kernals of truth. They don’t. These are not just lies, they run on the complete opposite of what they stand for.  We can’t keep them honest, but at least we can show those who care just how dishonest and cowardly ed reformers are.  They aren’t just dishonest about their data, they are lying about every aspect of their agenda and even what agenda they are for, until after their elections.

3 thoughts on “Please Save and Forward Education Campaign Literature

  1. I had a GOP opponent in the primary in 2014 who got over $40,000 “in-kind” from Betsy Devos’s group (American Federation for Children) in Michigan (she is married to an Amway heir) and over $90,000 from the AL Business Council, plus Michelle Rhee support. See:

    Would be glad to work with you. I won overwhelmingly with lots of grassroots support mainly from young parents who hate CC. This was my 4th race and I have been one of only two CC critics on the AL State School Board.

    I have had lots of experience running low-funded grassroots campaigns.

    .Betty Peters, 334 794 8024, 334 701 9810. I live in SE Alabama.


    1. My election is over. They only have them every 4 years for BESE. We had Waltons, Bloomberg, Broad, and others spending millions through superPACs. Well over 4 million (and counting) for out two remaining candidates of our 8 elected seats. Our local print media also supported them with editorials. The in-kind support from other organizations like Stand, BAEO, LABI, BRAF, BRAC, CABL, A+PEL, Lane Grigsby, Louisiana Family Forum, Louisiana Charter association, etc. doesn’t even need to be reported. They had paid employees from these organizations helping them, we just had volunteers.

  2. Jason – I have campaign financing databases for LA and can add other committees, PACs, etc.

    If I can be of assistance, I may have some of the financing information in hand. At a minimum we can help you identify, gather, and manage the data. LMK

    I am not sure that even if we handed the Ethics Board a bleeding body and a smoking gun, I am sure at most there would be a sever reprimand. The financial costs of a finding are trivial.

    All this would be laughable except that these are our children.

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