LouisianaVoice reveals pair of frustrating episodes that reveal problems of state hospital privatization, closures

Our general funding to DHH has almost trippled over the last 6 years in the wake of Bobby Jindal’s hospital privatization scheme that included the legislature approving a blank contract submitted by the Jindal administration. Tom Aswell and his sources relay some examples of what we bought for so much wasteful spending. More taxing and spending can not fix this problem, only make it worse. Someone needs to take some responsibility here. Expanding Medicaid, as Governor Edwards is pushing for, in this environment can only lead to more waste – and and very likely more death.

Louisiana Voice

Bobby Jindal: the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s bad enough that colleges and universities are facing the threat of temporary closures, cancellation of summer school, and loss of accreditation. But coupled with the bad news on higher education is an equally grim outlook for health care.

A sample of the legacy left us by Jindal’s hospital privatizations and closures:

In Baton Rouge, the closure of Earl K. Long (EKL) Medical Center had a ripple effect on the low income residents of North Baton Rouge. The emergency room patient care shifted onto Baton Rouge General Regional Medical Center Mid-City became such a money loser that it closed its emergency room on March 31, 2015. That moved emergency room care 30 minutes further away to Our Lady of the Lake (OLOL) Medical Center, located in largely white South Baton Rouge. One emergency room doctor confided to the author that it was…

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2 thoughts on “LouisianaVoice reveals pair of frustrating episodes that reveal problems of state hospital privatization, closures

  1. The medicaid expansion is about accepting federal money. The only cost to LA is for staff; not for the actual cost of delivering the health care at the point of service. I’m in favor of this; since so many are in such a sad state of affairs with the closing of our charity hospitals.

    1. The direct cost to Louisiana General funds will be 400 mil a year next year unless we get a 2 year do over, which is not all that likely. The extra money we have already thrown at the private hospitals has not resulted in better care, just higher costs. Unless we get some real costs controls and supervision on the program all that money will do is line CEO’s pockets.

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