I started this blog from a place of hopelessness, anger, frustration and fear. Many of my earlier posts reflect this state of mind. Writing this blog has led to my personal growth and given me a focus. Now I use it to expose corruption, and lies, to give a voice to those who feel like they are not being heard, and to direct folks to resources and tasks that can help them move our society forward.

Most people would consider me a liberal. Some might even say I am a bleeding heart liberal. I used to think this meant I had to attack conservatives. I used to believe all liberals were good and all conservatives were bad. I now know that this is not just overly simplistic but also ridiculous. Many of my best friends and many family members are hard core conservatives and many of my arch-blogger enemies consider themselves liberals. All too often our media tells us to fight each other and sends us messages that there is only one “right” way to think or live. I do not believe that, but I do believe many talking heads and biased media on both the left and the right make a lot of money sewing a lot of unnecessary discord among our people. This is not right. I believe our political parties all too often paint themselves as “right” and the other as wrong. This too is not right nor fair or just. Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats (and whatever they hell I am) can live peaceably side by side if we just got rid of the horrible mainstream media that pits us against each other and the politicians and multi-national corporations that profit from our discord.

My goal is to unite people of disparate backgrounds in supporting human rights, public education and democracy. I will expose those who threaten or infringe upon these issues. I will expose corruption and provide resources for folks to unite and petition their government to work for them instead of selling them out as is too often the case.


A note to sources and collaborators and inquisitors
Feel free to contact me privately at Crazycrawfish@yahoo.com if you have any specific questions about any articles I’ve written or any Louisiana education issues you are researching. I talk to friend, foe and anything in between. Let me know if what you are sharing is off the record please. I will keep your confidence but I get dozens to hundreds of tips and emails a week now, and sometimes all that data gets jumbled in my head. Telling me this is off the record lets me make a mental note and flag your e-mail so I can investigate your info to try to find an alternative source to quote or reference. If you provide me anonymous info or info I must research things may not work out. This process does take longer, and your info may not end up in one of my stories. If you want me to use your info and quote but not list you as the source I can define you as “anonymous” but I will still need to find another source to corroborate or highlight that your info was not verified. Obviously info from real people is considered more credible. Please be aware that if you are the only person who would know something you share with me, then even if I do not reveal your identity others may figure out who you are. Please take that into consideration before you spill your guts out. I will warn you if I see cause to be concerned, but I cannot know your personal situation as well as you do.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Every day, I wake up and look for “What are they doing to us now?” instead of “What are they doing FOR us now?”

    Every day is a fight. Every day is a new ‘Surprise!’ for us to have to try and get rid of.
    Even our local leaders, our School Board Members and our over-worked teachers, are shaking their heads in disbelief, ready to explode, ready to quit, and that is EXACTLY what the Progressives want. This is the strategy of Cloward and Piven, to overwhelm us and destroy us, administered by the Obama administration.

    The Fight for Freedom never stops.

    I admire and support you in your efforts.

    RalphPierre at http://www.killcommoncore.com

  2. Can anyone help me with what I’m up against by appealing an expulsion decision made? And is there any help, public help like an attorney who can guide me through this step? I’m going to fight my son’s expulsion based on several reasons I find valid. Also, I’m scared that he will be physically hurt at the alternative center. I’m up against the system by myself and I really need some in site and guidance.

  3. Just found your blog while researching reviews on Eureka math (which we implemented this year)
    I could talk to you for HOURS about the things going on in my school – keep fighting the fight and being an advocate for education in Louisiana!

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