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Open letter from “BESE 4″ in response to recent Common Core events.

I am publishing an open letter from 4 BESE members in response to recent actions of John White and recent editorials from 4 confused legislators that support Common Core, but don’t understand that even if they “review” it, it cannot … Continue reading

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Overprepping and Overtesting in Louisiana

I just received this letter from a parent named Stephanie Riley in Rapides Parish.  This letter echos the sentiments expressed by many parents across the state that I spoken with this year and last year. Education has been replaced with … Continue reading

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The Seabaugh Solution Apology and Explanation

VAM (Valued Added Modeling) is garbage.  It does not work. Louisiana’s system is especially flawed. The underlying premise behind VAM is also flawed, and no VAM assessment (good or bad) should be trusted.  Before I wrote about the Seabaugh Solution I wrote numerous articles about … Continue reading

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Jindal scrutinizes micro-contracts

I’ll be honest.  When i piggybacked ( )on Mercedes  Schneider’s post about John White seeking to stealthily contract out PARCC like questions on the sly last week, (and recommended someone notify the Jindal administration I didn’t really think that … Continue reading

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Unmasking the Charter Chicanery in Louisiana

Recently I was contacted by The Progressive to write an overview of charter schools in Louisiana.  I have been watching this “experiment” unfold from a fairly unique perspective.  My first look was as a State of Louisiana Employee just after … Continue reading

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Caddo Teacher of the Year Speaks Out Against Common Core and Characterization that Most Louisiana Teachers Support it

To the editor: I was discouraged and disheartened to read an article titled “Teachers denounce Vitter shift” in a recent publication. The implication is that all Louisiana teachers support the Common Core standards. “Several teachers” does not constitute a consensus among … Continue reading

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My Recent Piece on Charter Schools in Louisiana has been Published in the Progressive.

I was recently asked to write and submit a story to The Progressive, a national magazine with a liberal slant established in 1909 and home of the Public School Shakedown, where I am listed as a featured writer for some … Continue reading

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