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Guest Essay: Why Common Core Should Bother All Republicans

  WHY COMMON CORE SHOULD BOTHER ALL REPUBLICANS   “Our current system of top-heavy, bureaucratic, centrally planned education is failing to ensure the quality of education our children need and deserve. Therefore, we support measures that maintain the independence of … Continue reading

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Stop Common Core Rally info – Downtown Baton Rouge – September 28, 2013 (10-12)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stop Common Core Coalition of Louisiana PLACE: Dept. of Education BESE, 1201 N Third St., Baton Rouge LA DATE: Saturday, September 28, 2013 TIME: 10:00am – 12:00pm Concern(Ed) Parents Protecting the Dreams of their Children announces a … Continue reading

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Low test scores are the symptom, not “the Disease”

Recently my posting has started dropping off because of some nasty fatigue issues that seemed to come out of nowhere. (Hopefully you haven’t noticed the lull too much, as I have quite a few pieces I’m working on at any … Continue reading

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Who do you believe: Childless carpetbagger John White or a Louisiana public school parent?

In response to our campaign to lobby our legislators and Governor to put a leash on John White’s reckless and illegal privacy violations, John White sent out a letter to local superintendents.  This letter tries to mischaracterize our objections and … Continue reading

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Oops, John White did it again. (He lost our children.)

John White is trying very hard to keep data from the general public and researchers. He even passed a number of edicts when he first came to DOE that forbade LDE staff from communicating with school districts via any method … Continue reading

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Romney, the Secret Democrat.

Originally posted on mykeystrokes.com:
As often as not, parties nominate candidates for president that pretty much all their own partisans acknowledge are less than inspiring. Democrats were so excited about Barack Obama in 2008 partly because their previous two…

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Education Related Projects – Status Report and Log

Current Education Related Projects – Intro I just realized I’ve been working on a number of different projects to expose education abuses and to improve education for the children in my state with a passion I usually reserve for online … Continue reading

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