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Alternatives to Intelligent Design

Originally posted on CONTRARY BRIN:
Part of a series of re-issues of my most-popular online postings.  This one about the deep illogic underlying the claims by the fundamentalist community that they “just want students to be exposed to all sides…

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Creationism Vs Evolution Vs Intelligent Design? Lets Solve this!

THE CHALLENGE Can we clearly and politely determine which or which combination of these three theories should be taught in a Science class and why some theories would not belong? It think it’s time someone addressed this topic rationally and … Continue reading

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Come to Louisiana! We Have Dinosaurs!

Bobby Jindal and his creationist allies have finally got it all figured out!  Dinosaurs did exist, and they still do!  You’ve heard of Nessie, aka the Loch Ness Monster?  Well she’s actually just a real live dinosaur.  The earth is still only … Continue reading

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Bet You Didn’t Know it Will Be the Republicans That Come for Your Guns?

It won’t happen overnight of course, but in 10-15 years Republicans will be the ones pushing for gun controls, registrations, and confiscations of your guns – so enjoy them now while you can. I expect them to be very successful … Continue reading

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