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Why the truth is important even if it’s not always good

This is the second part of my last post/essay that ended with mission of revealing the truth, even if it is ugly. When I first joined the Louisiana Department of Education it was during a Democratic Governor’s administration, Governor Kathleen … Continue reading

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Guest Essay: Why Common Core Should Bother All Republicans

  WHY COMMON CORE SHOULD BOTHER ALL REPUBLICANS   “Our current system of top-heavy, bureaucratic, centrally planned education is failing to ensure the quality of education our children need and deserve. Therefore, we support measures that maintain the independence of … Continue reading

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Romney, the Secret Democrat.

Originally posted on mykeystrokes.com:
As often as not, parties nominate candidates for president that pretty much all their own partisans acknowledge are less than inspiring. Democrats were so excited about Barack Obama in 2008 partly because their previous two…

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Bet You Didn’t Know it Will Be the Republicans That Come for Your Guns?

It won’t happen overnight of course, but in 10-15 years Republicans will be the ones pushing for gun controls, registrations, and confiscations of your guns – so enjoy them now while you can. I expect them to be very successful … Continue reading

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