Beyond Bricks BESE candidate forum tonight at Woodlawn High School for district 6

Come out tonight to see me and the 4 other candidates for district 6 battle it out on a stage for your votes for the upcoming October 24 primary election.

Millions of dollars is being spent by PAC’s funded by out of state billionaires like the Waltons and Eli Broad. This may be one of your last chances to hear my vision of what our public education system needs and what we could accomplish without the hedge fund managers that brought about the Great Recession telling us what they think our public education system should look like.

Come support me as I discuss ending Common Core and Louisiana’s obsession with standardized tests we never see or use.

Let’s take back our public education system for our children. I can’t do this without your help and support.

Registration starts at 5:45.
Doors open at 6:00.
Event is scheduled intil 7:30 but I will be around before and after to talk to voters and provide campaign materials.


Jason France

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6 thoughts on “Beyond Bricks BESE candidate forum tonight at Woodlawn High School for district 6

  1. I am curious and I’m sure I may have missed a blog along the way where you addressed my question. What recommendation would you make for grade-level learning expectations? How would you ensure these expectations are grounded in scientifically based reading research and are developmentally appropriate for students? Thanks for your concern for educating Louisiana children! They are our future!

    1. Have developmental psychologists weigh in on their appropriatness – something that was not done during the development of the Common Core.

      We had GLE’S grade level expectations before Common Core that were used for many years and they were some of the highest stanrds in the nation. Those would have been a great starting place. Then we could have addressed the complaints that there were too many or needed tweeking. We had a lot of experience teaching them. They were a known quantity and we actually had started the process of upgrading them before Common Core came along and BESE decided to adopt them sight unseen, and without anyone ever piloting them. Very poor decisions we are all paying for now.

  2. My daughter aspires to be a dentist. This summer she spent some time with a couple of local dentist. They all told her they had applied for dental schools across the U.S. I see that my daughter may eventually compete with students across the U.S. for a spot in a dental school. It’s important to me that my daughter be provided a solid education that ensures she can compete with students from other states so that she has the best chance possible for living out her dreams. What is your plan for ENSURiNG and KNOWING that Louisiana students are provided a solid k-12 education, comparable to students across the nation, so when they do have to compete for dental school placements or oil field jobs (such as my sister) they are prepared?

    This is important to me!

    1. First of all, those are great plans and it sounds like you’re on the right path. I take it these are Louisiana dentists who went to school in Louisiana before common core? I know a lot of scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors, writers and mathematicians that went to public school in Louisiana – pre common core. Our Governor went to public schools, then Ivy Leafue schools, and was a Rhodes scholar.

      I’m not sure anyone can be 100% sure of what you are asking, and anyone who claims they can is probably lying. I won’t lie. Common Core is not geared to produce that outcome either. As a concerned parent you are doing the right things, i would ensure they take advanced classes, especially in Math and Science. Grades 9-12 are not Common Core, which stops at 8, so those years it will be encumbent upon you as a parent and you child as an aspiring dentist to push themselves beyond the bare minimum needed to graduate, which is all Common Core is designed to do anyways. Just skating by in school will not be sufficient, but no curriculum or standards, in and of itself, will set your child apart from the pack. Unfortunately if your child is not in High School yet they will be less prepared for that dental career because Common Core is scaled back in math at the upper end and kids aren’t on track to complete Algeabra I in 8th grade like they were pre-Common Core. You will need to ensure your child doubles up in math and science to catch up and be better prepared than the average/common student.

      1. One dentist was; others we not Louisiana educated.
        Thanks for your reply. I enjoy listening to plans for moving forward.

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