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Defies Measurement is Finally Complete

Defies Measurement is a documentary about what our nation’s test obsession has done to our public schools and students over the last 20 years.  Shannon Puckett is a great film maker and former teacher at Chipman Middle school, around which … Continue reading

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Background On the High Stakes Testing Opt Out Movement in Louisiana

Unless you are already opting your kids out of testing this spring, most folks have probably only heard about this movement to “opt out” (parents refusing to permit children to take) of high stakes tests in Louisiana in the past … Continue reading

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Why do I think Bobby Jindal is scamming us with faux Common Core lawsuits?

To be quite frank, I did not develop this idea on my own. I was asked whether I thought Jindal’s opposition to Common Core was sincere, and my response at first was “I don’t know, but does it matter?” My … Continue reading

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Oops, John White did it again. (He lost our children.)

John White is trying very hard to keep data from the general public and researchers. He even passed a number of edicts when he first came to DOE that forbade LDE staff from communicating with school districts via any method … Continue reading

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A listing of some of LDOE’s dirty little secrets

Dirty Secrets or White Lies? SHADOW SCHOOLS CONTENT St James Science and Math Academy is part of both Lutcher and St James High Schools St James Science and Match Academy is a shadow school split between two other high schools.  This post includes Maps, addresses, info … Continue reading

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Just How Many Murders Does it Take in Louisiana to Be Classified a “Persistently Dangerous School?”

This is actually a trick question.  According to the Unsafe Schools section 343 of Bulletin  741, a school can have 100% of its student body expelled for  murdering each other and the school will not be classified as dangerous, let alone persistently dangerous. §343.      … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s Lacking Accountability System

Most people probably haven’t heard about Louisiana’s School Accountability System, but many Louisianian natives with children of or near school age have probably heard about schools being assigned letter grades or stars “*” to represent the overall quality of a … Continue reading

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