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A Tale of Two DOEs

It’s not a well known fact that there are two DOEs (Departments of Education) in charge of public schools in Louisiana. There is one DOE ( the one I was most familiar with and like to think I was once … Continue reading

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The Charter/Non-Public Guide for Excluding the Less Desirable Students Without Making a Federal Case Out of it

Let’s face it, with the passage of Jindal’s latest education bills, traditional public schools are about to be out of business.  We will have a chaotic influx of unregulated charter and non-public school clamoring to open up shop, 21st century … Continue reading

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Shadow Schools: Does Your DOE Know Where Your Children Are?

Probably most of you haven’t given much thought to how state department’s of education collect their data on schools, teachers and students. Well having been in the biz for quite a few years, I do. LEAs (Local Educational Agencies) aka … Continue reading

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A Modest Corporal Punishment Proposal for Louisiana Even though our overly politically correct society has decided that beating animals with poles can be construed as unjust and abuse of the animals (and might get you thrown in jail or beaten by an angry mob yourself) and … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s Lacking Accountability System

Most people probably haven’t heard about Louisiana’s School Accountability System, but many Louisianian natives with children of or near school age have probably heard about schools being assigned letter grades or stars “*” to represent the overall quality of a … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Windfall in FERPA for Reformers

Like many well intentioned education policies and privacy laws we’ve seen enacted over the years, FERPA was enacted to protect the rights of the weak, in this case children, from the powerful and unscrupulous, such as school bullies and identity … Continue reading

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i * Value Added = Good Teachers Subtracted

The Value Added model used for calculating teacher performance (or lack thereof) is a complete farce. Its just a tool used to put teachers on the defensive; for the right, and their right-wing publications, to use in their war against … Continue reading

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