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Why Bobby Jindal Pushed Education Reform So Fast

For now I will overlook the more obvious question as to why he wanted “reform” in the first place – that’s easily summed up as 2 scoops of higher political aspirations, drowned in sticky sweet obligations to political contributors, and … Continue reading

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Shadow Schools: Why They Exist and What They Enable You To Do

While I was working at the Louisiana Department of Education I had a number of sources tell me about what I have decided to call a Shadow School. A Shadow School is just an unreported school that has its own … Continue reading

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The New Salem Witch Trials (aka Value Added Evaluations and the Outsized Search for “Bad Teachers”)

In 1692 an unreasoning hysteria gripped a colonial township known as Salem Massachusetts.  What came after became known as the Salem Witch Trials.  A number of theories exist as to why dozens of women and men were railroaded into being … Continue reading

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