A Vote for David Vitter is a Vote for John White and Common Core

As you go to the polls tomorrow, I want you to keep this thought fixated in your mind.  A vote for David Vitter is a vote for Common Core.  Vitter has recently been proudly endorsed by all the John White and Common Core supporters in our state, the ones that rigged out BESE elections statewide.  LABI and Lane Grigsby have endorsed Vitter.  Grigsby, who has run the most despicable and deceitful ads against BESE candidates opposed to John White and Common Core  recently even sent an e-mail to all of his employees at his various companies telling them they had to vote for Vitter.

Stand for Children, stands with Vitter.  They are the ones responsible for running a fake newscast ad (WBRD instead of WBRZ) against Carolyn Hill accusing her of having committed crimes and having outstanding bench warrants for her arrest – none of which were true, but which was just enough to elect LABI backed Jada Lewis over Carolyn Hill.




Stand has been creating fake polls showing complete support for Common Core by parents and teachers statewide.  One of the people on the short list for Vitter’s education policy director is none other than Stand’s very own self-styled “data freak”, Keith Leger, who was also Holly Boffy’s campaign chairperson. You can clearly see his priorities from Holly Boffy’s own campaign materials and his personal twitter account as shown below.




If this was not enough, consider that one of Vitter’s close employee’s and campaign managers, Michael Wong,  has a wife named Jamie Wong, who is working as one of John White’s executives in charge of all Special Education in the state.

To gain this support Vitter has pledged to adopt the unchanged and rebranded standards as “Louisiana Standards” and help sell them to you, the public.

David Vitter was for Common Core long before he was against it.

Vitter still is still against teachers, as he always has been.

If you want to know what’s wrong with Louisiana public education, just look at what’s going on in many Louisiana public schools today. Or rather, what’s NOT going on–namely, learning.

In East Baton Rouge, Vermillion, St. Martin, and other systems, the children are being told to stay home–no school, no learning. Why? So that their teachers can be granted a “professional development day” to lobby the legislature AGAINST education reform.  (David Vitter, 3/14/12)



Much like the African leopard, David Vitter has not changed his spots in regards to keeping his promises or pledges.  Perhaps he is no longer frequenting prostitutes as often as he used to, but that’s only because he has become one himself, beholden to special interests and not to Louisiana.

I will be voting for, John Bel Edwards, the guy who has always been on the side of teachers, the guy who is married to a teacher, the guy who was never in favor of Common Core, the guy who is not supported by LABI, Carolyn Shirley Roemer, Stand For Children, Keith Leger, or Lane Grigsby.  I will be voting for John Bel, the guy that met with me and discussed the dangers of Common Core long before most people knew what Common Core was, the guy who pledged to get rid of John White.  Please help me help him do that.  If you value my opinion and my work and want it to continue and be meaningful, we need to make sure John Bel is elected, and not David Vitter.

The people supporting David Vitter from the education arena are our arch-enemies and you know what that means.  We will have no voice in a Vitter administration and we already have had our voices silenced by billionaires who have installed their puppets on our State Board of Education. If education is a top priority to you and if you support my work; please help me, help us, stay in the fight by electing John Bel Edwards tomorrow.

Thank you.

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