Found the real Iberville High by roaming. Darn Google. Still would be a 3 +mile undergound metro.

A little birdy just told me they asked Iberville about their shadow schools issue, and they were old MSA East is the same school as Iberville East (Elementary and High.)  I guess I’ve just never been to a school more than 4 miles long.  I suppose there could be more underground than is obvious to satellite photos.  If Iberville has a vast underground school complex, I may owe them an apology.

1825 Hwy 30    ●    St. Gabriel, LA 70776  (MSA East)

That is a really nice, new looking school. I bet it would be nice to go there.

3285 Hwy 75, St Gabriel, LA (Iberville East)  (Google maps points to a chemical plant, but i found the real place by pretending I was a plane doing a flyover.)

Nice School, that is definitely a different school, wouldn’t you say?

I suppose its possible they closed that other site, or they have the wrong address, and have had that wrong address for a few years.  It’s not like they update their website every day?

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence! Maybe they forgot to update the address banner?

Hm.  Well, not only do they got chocolate orders due on October 8th they have today’s date, 9/27/2012, on top of this school’s home page.  Well, surely they don’t anything else that would indicate these are two different sites?  Hmm, why would they have a school improvement plan for a brand new site?  I wonder what that could be?

Uhm. Well, that was updated Waaaaaaaaay back in July. That’s like a couple months ago. Maybe martians vaporized the school, or maybe that chemical plant next door covered the school in so much ash no one could find it anymore?

I’ve found a number of new Shadow Schools, and some others I suspect, since last I posted.  I think I will post a school a day until someone decides to do something.  That could take a while, if not forever, but I have a feeling there could be hundreds so I should have plenty of material for a while.  (And I won’t be so picky with my defintion, but these first ones are pretty pathetically obvious.)

This isn’t even my job, folks.  I don’t get paid for this and I have no training for investigative journalism, (which is probably why I posted a chemical plant first 🙂  ) nor am I paid or appointed to look after the children of this state.   I’d really like some help here, but I understand if no one want’s to give me a hand.  Maybe you believe inequality is a good thing and we need to return to segregation.

I suppose as long as people lie to you, and you don’t look too closely, you can pretend it’s not happening and then it can be someone else’s problem.

13 thoughts on “East Iberville and MSA East are actually the same school – probably connected by an underground metro system. My bad.

  1. I worked for Eskridge last year. Noone even told me about MSA. It took me a month to figure out where the other “half of the school” was.

    They even wear different colors!

    MSA had lab-tops, East Iberville didn’t. Oops they’re the same school? WHAT A CROCK

    1. Well without disproportionately funding the MSAs by taking money away from East Iberville, and white Castle no one would have laptops.  Some kids are worth trying to reach, and some kids should just be harvested for their MFP dollars.  Its the American Way.

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    1. Not according to the State.  Iberville runs them independently but reports them as one school to keep East Iberville out of takeover range and to delude parents of East that the school is less terrible than it is.

        Did you know they do the same for White Castle and MSA West?

      And that the state has known about this for at least 3 years?

      Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

      1. A little bird told me that East Iberville and MSA East are the same school, but the reason for this is because East Iberville’s scores are so low that if the schools were not joined together, East Iberville would be taken over by the state. Since the scores for MSA East are high, they compensate for East Iberville’s low scores.

        1. Maybe we know the same little birdie?  🙂

          John White liked that idea so much he got BESE to pass a policy to allow everyone to do it in accordance with the new BESE policy.  

  2. Is it the school system failing children or is it parents, communities, the state or a nation failing these children in East Iberville. I believe parents needs to get involved in the lives of their children. Turn off the television and the elctronic distractions and engage in the education of their children. All parents have a duty to preapre their children for the world and then actively prepare their world for their children ie.. join the PTA, engage in turoring.. demonstate responsible living and accountability individual actions, then hold teachers accountable for teaching GLEs. Maybe educating oneself so you can help your own children might really be the first solution.

    1. They are being sacrificed by the district and the state so others can get more resources and succeed. Parents probably don’t know. Some people would be OK with abandoning some kids and using the funds they generate to help other kids do better. I am not one of those people. Nor do I blame children for the actions or inactions of the parents and adults that allow this to happen, or actually orchestrate such schemes.

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